Imagineer , Site Reliability Engineer / SRE 網絡系統架構師

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【Job Summary】

Do you believe the reliability is the foundation of the product? Are you a strategic thinker but also a builder who hands-on everything? Do you have a desire to support user-centric solutions that transform emerging markets run smoothly? Migo designs and builds technology to close the digital divide for the mass market in emerging markets. Our technology involves a combination of hardware, networking, wireless, and software technology distributed through local neighborhood retail hotspots, private and public infrastructures, then to consumers’ mobile devices.
Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an engineering discipline that combines software and systems engineering. At Migo, you will have the opportunity to build and run large-scale, massively distributed, fault-tolerant systems as we grow. If you are excited to work in a high-tempo, agile development environment; Excited to evolve into an interdisciplinary thinker. We are looking for you!

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) 一個結合軟體與系統工程師的角色。在Migo成長之際,你將有機會第一線參與設計、規劃、維運large-scale, massively distributed的系統,以確保我們的服務品質。Migo engineering team 透過敏捷式開發各種跨部門專案,如果你喜歡步調快、變化多端的工作環境,不僅握有一身專業更期待自己成為跨領域人才,有滿滿的學習能量,歡迎加入我們!


• Design, build, operate and refine system-level design and configuration, including network hardware, software, servers, or server operation systems.
• Design and implement the automation of the server & network infrastructure and improve process efficiency
• Ensure that the system design balances with requirements for scalability, functionality, quality, security, and maintainability.
• Deploying and maintaining service performance and health by measuring and monitoring availability, latency and other relevant metrics.
• 設計、建置、運作並更新系統層面設計與佈局,包過網絡、硬體、軟體、伺服器以及運作系統。
• 設計並執行伺服器及網絡架構的自動化,並持續精進流程效率
• 確保系統設計能兼顧需求以及可擴充性、功能性、品質、安全性以及可維護程度。
• 透過持續衡量及監測系統運作的可行性、延遲程度、相關機制,以確保服務運作的效能及健全。


【 Key Qualifications 】

• BS degree in Computer Science, Information Management or equivalent experience
• At least three years' experience in a related domain
• Solid understanding of high availability, systems design, architecture, cloud technologies, databases, open source and web technologies
• Experience in designing, analyzing and troubleshooting large-scale distributed systems.
• Proficient in at least one programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, Bash etc.
• Experience with the following private and public cloud technologies: OpenStack, VMware vSphere, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.
• Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, or other container tools
• 電腦科學、資訊管理相關科系畢業或同等經驗
• 至少3年以上網絡系統建構維運等經驗
• 具備高效能的系統設計、架構、雲端科技、資料庫、開源以及網路技術知識
• 具備設計、分析、解決large-scale distributed systems的經驗
• 精通至少一種程式語言:C/C++, Java, Python, Bash etc.
• 熟悉Linux 作業環境
• 具備私有/公共雲的經驗,如: OpenStack, VMware vSphere, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure.
• 具備container tools的經驗:Docker, Kubernetes,etc.
• Working experience in version control systems such as Git and SVN
• Applied knowledge of modern software delivery methods like TDD, BDD, continuous integration (CI), and CD. Familiar with CI/CD tools such as Bamboo, Jenkins
• Experience working with automation tools like Puppet, or Chef
• 具有version control systems的實務經驗,如:Git and SVN
• 具有現代軟體傳輸方法的應用經驗,如:TDD, BDD, continuous integration (CI), and CD. Familiar with CI/CD tools such as Bamboo, Jenkins
• 具備自動化工具的實務經驗,如:Puppet, or Chef

Location: Taipei, Taiwan (20% travel, regional).



We care about helping Imagineers stay happy, healthy, and fulfilled, so we can all maximize our potential. That includes generous health and labor insurance, company issues hardware, flexible vacation leaves, and regular opportunities to have fun and celebrate.

Our Number One Benefit
The number one benefit at Migo is the limitless opportunity for growth we give each Imagineer.

Imagineers at Migo are working on a first-in-the-world service and technology that is big enough to change the lives of billions of underserved people in the world.
We have a structured approach to development that will help Imagineers grow beyond their perceived limitations. We are committed to providing the resources our Imagineers need to be at their best, not just in Taiwan, but globally.


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