Imagineer, UI/UX Design Team 使用者經驗團隊

Your Life's Work


名稱: Migo


地址: 台北市大安區光復南路438號12樓



About the User Experience (UI/UX) Design Team

Migo's UI/UX Design team envisions and creates magical experiences for consumers in emerging markets. We are champions of the customer, who use our empathy superpowers to design and build digital products and services that will deeply impact our customers’ lives and support the Migo teams who serve them. Grounded in the principles of user-centered design, we strategize, ideate, prototype, test, and develop, while balancing the requirements of diverse stakeholders and working closely with teams of engineers, strategists, and artists across Migo.

【 What will you do? 】 

‧ Design holistic digital, service, and systems experiences for Migo’s customers and the Migo teams who serve them
· Engage in all forms of field research to understand the market context and identify user needs and stakeholder requirements
· Ideate, prototype, and rigorously test user interfaces and information architecture using collaborative and iterative design techniques
· Employ visual design to craft aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and usability-enhancing interfaces
· Synthesize and communicate design requirements, conceptual ideas, detailed designs, and design rationale
· Lead and run collaborative, agile design cycles in a fast-paced environment
· Work with users from different backgrounds and collaborate with multi-disciplinary, cross-company teams, including hardware engineering, software development,
data analytics, sales, marketing, and field operations
· Participate in the end-to-end product development process, from CEO-level decision-making to technical implementation


【 Who are we seeking for? 】


· At least an undergraduate degree or 2-5 years' experience in UI design, such as, mobile app or web interaction design or human-computer interaction
· Interest in design for affordability in emerging markets
· Champion of the human-centered design philosophy and practitioner of design process
· Experience in anthropological fieldwork or interviewing methods
· Strong English communication and empathetic listening skills
· Familiarity with design and prototyping tools ,such as, sketch, Adobe CC...etc


· Proven ability to lead diverse stakeholders and users through the experience design process
· Experience designing products or services as part of an agile product development process

【 Portfolio required 】

When you apply, please submit a portfolio with 3-5 examples of your design work that also includes your thought process in developing the design.
Also indicate your role and contribution for each project.

We recommend that you highlight the following elements, if you’re able:

· Experience with diverse projects and subject matter
· Applied concepts of user-centered design thinking
· Description of design rationale and process

【 You’ll be a good fit here if you…】

· Yearn to devote your days to meaningful work, and to positively impact the world
· Have a relentless inner drive to learn and understand
· Regularly seek out new ideas and new challenges
· Demonstrate resilience, recovering quickly from difficulties
· Have a keen imagination and a mind for solving complex problems

【 Location 】

Taipei, Taiwan (20% travel, regional).



We care about helping Imagineers stay happy, healthy, and fulfilled, so we can all maximize our potential. That includes generous health and labor insurance, company issues hardware, flexible vacation leaves, and regular opportunities to have fun and celebrate.

Our Number One Benefit
The number one benefit at Migo is the limitless opportunity for growth we give each Imagineer.

Imagineers at Migo are working on a first-in-the-world service and technology that is big enough to change the lives of billions of underserved people in the world.
We have a structured approach to development that will help Imagineers grow beyond their perceived limitations. We are committed to providing the resources our Imagineers need to be at their best, not just in Taiwan, but globally.


NT$ - 850,000 (年薪)


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