Principal Software Architect



名稱: Migo



• Collaborate with other user experience/interaction designer to determine functional and non-functional requirements for new software or applications
• Use tools and methodologies to create representations for functions and user interface of desired product
• Develop high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility
• Define/Evaluate all aspects of development from appropriate technology and workflow to coding standards
• Provide architectural blueprints and technical leadership
• Communicate successfully all concepts and guidelines to development team
• Oversee progress of development team to ensure consistency with initial design
• Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers and engineers
• Ensure software meets all requirements of quality, security, modifiability, extensibility.
• Constantly update knowledge by tracking and understanding emerging programming practice
• Proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.


【Key Qualifications】
• MSc/MA in computer science, engineering or relevant field
• 5+ Year experiencing designing large scale distributed system or related field.
• 10-year of hands on experience among mobile, backend and web programming.
• Proven experience as software architect large scale applications in two or more of the industry categories including but not limiting to ERP, Media, Social Media, E-commerce)
• Deep experience in software development and coding in three or more languages/frameworks including but not limiting to Angular.js, GO Java, and Android, Python
• Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture
• Excellent knowledge of UML and other modeling methods
• Familiarity with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and UI/UX design
• Understanding of software quality assurance principles
• A technical mindset with great attention to detail
• Outstanding communication and presentation abilities



We care about helping Imagineers stay happy, healthy, and fulfilled, so we can all maximize our potential. That includes generous health and labor insurance, company issues hardware, flexible vacation leaves, and regular opportunities to have fun and celebrate.

Our Number One Benefit
The number one benefit at Migo is the limitless opportunity for growth we give each Imagineer.

Imagineers at Migo are working on a first-in-the-world service and technology that is big enough to change the lives of billions of underserved people in the world.
We have a structured approach to development that will help Imagineers grow beyond their perceived limitations. We are committed to providing the resources our Imagineers need to be at their best, not just in Taiwan, but globally.




地區:臺灣 台北


NT$ 1,200,000 - 2,000,000 (年薪)


【工作簡介】 你相信數據反映真實,喜歡抽絲剝繭讓數據說話嗎?你渴望全面跨部門了解公司運作、並大膽假設小心求證嗎?你享受解謎的過程,並勇敢面對複雜又龐大問題...
台北 . 正職
數據科學/MLNT$ 1,200,000 - 1,800,000 (年薪)
厭倦一成不變的碼農人生嗎?Be an Imagineer 成為共同建構營運及自動化系統的軟體設計師吧! 【Responsibilities】 ...
台北 . 正職
全端/後端工程NT$ 1,300,000 - 1,900,000 (年薪)
【工作簡介】 你邏輯清晰,龐大且雜亂無章的資料,經過你的設計的資料架構、收集、清洗後,便成了分析師好用的資訊嗎?你膽大心細,富有組織能力又有工程師的實作...
台北 . 正職
數據科學/MLNT$ 800,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)
對科技業有興趣,但沒有相關背景? 比起傳統的大公司,更想嘗試新創的快步調、扁平式管理? 來Migo的研發團隊,成為工程師們最棒的得力助手吧! 工作...
台北 . 正職
其他NT$ 30,000 - 45,000 (月薪)
【Responsibilities】 Migo is looking for an senior experienced Automation QA...
台北 . 正職
全端/後端工程NT$ 1,000,000 - 1,600,000 (年薪)
[Responsibilities ] • Working with architect to ensure design pattern of the...
台北 . 正職
Android工程師NT$ 1,200,000 - 1,700,000 (年薪)
【About the Role】 The Technical Recruitment Lead is responsible for building ...
台北 . 正職
HR/人資NT$ 700,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)
【Responsibilities】 • Develop monitoring systems with existsing technologie...
台北 . 正職
Responsibilities 1. Conduct daily finance operations for the Taiwan office...
台北 . 正職
財務/行政/營運NT$ 650,000 - 850,000 (年薪)