Mid-level Backend Engineer (Business Architect) 軟體工程師

Net Protections日商恩沛股份有限公司



在 NetProtections(TW),我們的支付解決方案為數百萬用戶提供服務,我們以此感到自豪。我們的使命是在行業中創造一個新的標準,讓每個人都能輕鬆使用金融服務。如果你是一位自信且經驗豐富的專業工程師,正在尋找一個發揮更大影響力的舞台,請舉起雙手讓我們看到你!



■ 職位描述:

1. 理解並支持企業目標與目的,針對所分配之任務進行開發

2. 與團隊合作,維護和重構現有的程式庫,改善其質量、性能和可擴展性

3. 撰寫乾淨、高效且易於維護的程式碼

4. 參與程式碼審查,提供建設性的反饋和改進建議

5. 處理程式錯誤和性能瓶頸,進行故障排除

6. 與產品經理和設計師等跨職能團隊合作,了解需求並提供高質量的軟體解決方案

7. 自我激勵且積極主動,強烈渴望學習並與新興技術和行業趨勢保持同步



■ 技術:

語言:Ruby(Ruby on Rails)、Vue.js



      At NetProtections(TW), we are proud to serve millions of users with our cutting-edge payment solutions. Our mission is to create a new standard in the industry, empowering everyone to access financial services with ease. If you are a talented and experienced professional Engineer seeking an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact, we want to hear from you.



 1. Understand the business goals and objectives and contribute to the development of assigned tasks, ensuring alignment with company strategies.

 2. Collaborate with the team to maintain and refactor the current codebase, improving its quality, performance, and scalability over time.

 3. Write clean, efficient, and maintainable code, following coding standards and best practices.

 4. Participate in code reviews, providing constructive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

 5. Troubleshoot and debug software issues, addressing bugs and performance bottlenecks.

 6. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers and designers, to understand requirements and deliver high-quality software solutions.

 7. Stay updated with emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices in software development, sharing knowledge with the team.



   ■ Tech Stack:

 - Language: Ruby(RubyonRails), Vue.js

 - Others: AWS, Jenkins, Docker



1. 三到五年的軟體開發經驗

2. 對軟體開發的基本原則和基礎已有紮實的理解

3. 熟練掌握至少一種編程語言,如Java、Python、Go或Ruby等

4. 熟悉版本控制系統(如Git)和敏捷軟體開發方法論

5. 出色的解決問題能力,能夠分析並拆解複雜問題,將之轉化為可管理的任務

6. 優秀的溝通和協作能力,能夠在團隊環境中保持和諧且有效率的工作

7. 熱切學習和成長,積極進取,對不斷改進保持熱情

8. 具有網頁開發框架、數據庫或雲技術的經驗者優先考慮

9. 能夠適應不斷變化的優先順序,並同時處理多個項目




■ 面試流程

1. 你將會和團隊內的工程師進行電話面試,共同討論你對於工作與職涯的想像

2. 你將會和團隊內的工程師聊聊,我們會與你聊聊技術相關問題與你過往的經歷。

3. 你將會和總經理或技術長聊聊,聚焦討論你的價值觀與過往經歷


  ■ Requirements: 

 1. 3~5 years of professional development experience.

 2. Solid understanding of software development fundamentals and principles.

 3. Proficiency in at least one programming language, such as Java, Python, Go, or Ruby.

 4. Familiarity with version control systems, such as Git, and agile software development methodologies.

 5. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze and break down complex problems into manageable tasks.

 6. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively within a team environment.

 7. Eagerness to learn and grow, with a proactive attitude and a passion for continuous improvement.

 8. Experience with web development frameworks, databases, or cloud technologies is a plus.

 9. Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work on multiple projects simultaneously.



   ■ Interview Flow:

1. You will have a phone interview with engineers from our team to discuss your vision for the job and your career aspirations.

2. You will have a conversation with engineers from our team where we will discuss technical questions and your past experiences.

3. You will have a discussion with the general manager or the CTO, focusing on your values and past experiences.



一個月可自由分配的4天 remote work 天數



 2.一個月可自由分配的4天 remote work 天數



1. Bonuses (twice a year)

2. Four days of remote work per month, which can be allocated at your discretion

3. Annual leave days that exceed the minimum requirements of labor laws, with an additional three days of special leave for summer vacation.