Dapp Full Stack / Front-end developer 前端工程師


1. Working closely with product managers and designers to build dapps web interfaces on Thunder.
2. Working closely with product managers to develop smart contracts for dapps.
3. Working closely with product managers and designers to build tools like metamask, truffle and HD Wallet on Thunder.
4. Optimize experience across a variety of browsers and regions
5. Manage project priorities, fast-paced deadlines, and concrete deliverables.

- 與產品經理及設計師合作建置Thunde的dapps web介面
- 與產品經理合作為dapps開發出智能合約
- 與產品經理及設計師合作,建置如metamask, truffle and HD Wallet的工具
- 優化各種瀏覽器及跨地區的使用經驗
- 管理專案優先順序及進度,確保專案順利完成


1. Expertise in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
2. Expertise in HTTP (Cookie/Cache/WebSocket)
3. Ability to communicate and work with other teams in the company to deliver projects on time.

1. Familiar with react/redux
2. Familiar with dapp technologies such as Solidity/Truffle/MetaMask
3. Familiar with nodejs/express
4. Familiar with testing framework such as mocha or jest
5. Familiar with cross-browser quirks
6. Familiar with firebase
7. Familiar with webpack/gulp
8. Familiar with SASS/SCSS
9. Passionate about blockchain

- 精通HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
- 精通 HTTP (Cookie/Cache/WebSocket)
- 具備跨部門溝通能力,確保專案能準時依計畫進行、完成

- 熟悉react/redux
- 熟悉dapp technologies 如Solidity/Truffle/MetaMask
- 熟悉nodejs/express / cross-browser quirks / firebase / webpack/gulp/ ASS/SCSS
- 熟悉測試架構,如:mocha or jest
- 對區塊鏈充滿熱情



-不扣薪 事/病假


MacBook PRO/AIR or Lenovo T580


NT$ 70,000 - 250,000 (月薪)