Computer Vision Scientist (AI/Deep Learning Expert)


· Perform research to make reinforcement learning more applicable to real world problems.
· Provide research consultancy on applied projects: determine the scope
of the problem, the best place to apply machine learning, and evaluate different approaches.
· Interface with product teams to identify potential new problem areas for future projects.
· Integrate new fundamental research ideas into applied projects.
· Collaborate with Software Engineers to design and run experiments, including designing and evaluating new algorithms as well as implementing known algorithms.
· Report and present experimental results and research findings clearly
and efficiently, both internally and externally.


• Proven knowledge in deep learning.
• Solid background in machine learning.

Implement Experience
• Python or C++ and with a desire to learn more.
• Experiences in developing computer vision algorithms (FITAMOS: Face/ Image/Text/Audio/Motion/Object/Scene)
• Experiences in developing algorithms in Linux environment.
• Experiences in using TensorFlow and / or Caffe (or related tools)

Research Experiences
• Experiences in computer vision (FITAMOS).
• Experiences in deep learning.
• Have deep learning related publications related to network architecture or computer vision (FITAMOS).


1. 兼顧個人創造與團隊合作達成,促進組織目標與個人發展雙贏
- 團隊活動,增進跨部門間資訊交流,即時分享公司發展動態
- 訓練發展,公費資助參予論壇講座,不定期舉辦內部專業與管理培訓課程

2. 追求工作與生活的平衡與多彩
- 週休二日與國定假日
- 依當年度在職比例即享有特休假
- 旅遊假與學習假
- 每月可選擇一天遠端工作,不必困在辦公室

3. 多元獎勵計畫與福利
- 優渥薪資、中秋獎金、年終獎金、績效獎勵
- 績優員工認股、員工團保健檢
- 每月團隊聚餐,公司通通買單
- 定期慶生會活動,滿滿的零食、飲料、歡樂,裝滿你的胃
- 明亮開放現代的工作空間,吧檯咖啡區現磨咖啡喝不完


NT$ 80,000 - (月薪)