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Value Proposition of

Why Kubernetes

Kubernetes makes a breakthrough for devops because it allows teams to keep pace with the requirements of modern software development. Its agile, fault tolerant, auto scaling make it trending in industries. However, Kubernetes is also complicated to configure and heuristic in operation.


To deal with this predicament, Prophetstor brings machine learning to make Kubernetes automated Application-Aware and Workload-Sensible, which can save your operation cost and improve applications performance at the same time.

For more information, please see the following infographic.


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快來認識 ProphetStor Data Services
ProphetStor Data Services
ProphetStor 先智雲端數據是數位智慧數據平臺的領導者,提供支援人工智慧、應用程式感知(Application-Aware)、統合數據服務,使 5G、邊緣計算和多雲更...