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Joint webinar with Datadog: Understanding and Rightsizing Container Resources With Datadog and ProphetStor

OpenShift enables organizations to accelerate delivery cycles and rapidly scale their operations to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced market. For example, individual application teams can deploy multiple versions every day on common infrastructure, and scale their applications to meet the demand of their users. However, Datadog’s recent containers study found that the majority of OpenShift and Kubernetes workloads are underutilizing CPU and memory resources.


In this webinar, we show how Datadog and ProphetStor help teams to solve the challenges in deploying containerized applications on OpenShift by bringing end-to-end visibility and resource optimization recommendations to meet application performance and cost requirements.


Speaker information:

MING SHEU (EVP of Product - ProphetStor)

Ming Sheu is EVP of Product at ProphetStor with more than 25 years of experiences in networking, WiFi systems, and native cloud application. Prior to joining ProphetStor, he spent 13 years with Ruckus/CommScope in development of large scale WiFi Controller and Cloud-based network management service.


YAIR COHEN (Product Manager - Datadog)

Yair Cohen is the product manager for containers at Datadog. He previously worked at Microsoft, and brings more than 17 years of experience in enterprise software.

The following is the link to the recording and detailed presentation material illustrating how ProphetStor and Datadog help teams to solve the challenges in deploying containerized applications on OpenShift.


Watch webinar recording here:

Webinar slides can be found here:


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