ProphetStor Data Services
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Value Proposition of Fedemeter​

Orchestrate, optimize and manage your costs in public cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud

Fedemeter, the patent-pending cost analysis module of, takes the input of current cluster configuration and workload prediction to produce a recommendation of the most cost-optimized cluster configuration for users. The recommendation output is a time series of Just-in-Time Fitted instance size to support application workloads without resource wastes. The most cost-effective instance types with the best purchasing options are recommended.


For more information, please see the following infographic.


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快來認識 ProphetStor Data Services
ProphetStor Data Services
ProphetStor 先智雲端數據是數位智慧數據平臺的領導者,提供支援人工智慧、應用程式感知(Application-Aware)、統合數據服務,使 5G、邊緣計算和多雲更...