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Children's Item Flea Market

Children grow fast. Before you know it, they grow out of their clothes, shoes, and even toys. With most of these items still usable, it would be a waste to just throw them away.

One-fifth of the employees in FunPodium are parents (and the number is still increasing!), so what would be a better idea than having a company internal flea market for children’s items? 

The sale was successful. More than half of the items on the flea market found their new homes and owners. On top of this, the occasion also posed as a great opportunity for the moms and dads to share their tips on shopping for children’s items and raising the kids. Let’s look forward to more FunPodium family events in the future! 

小孩子在不知不覺中就長大了。 衣服跟鞋子常常一下子就穿不下,玩具的汰換速度也很快。 但這些物品大多數仍然可以使用,直接扔掉它們的話就太浪費了。

FunPodium 五分之一的員工皆育有子女(而且這個數字還在增加!)因此在公司舉辦兒童用品跳蚤市場是再好不過的主意了~ 

不出所料,跳蚤市場辦得很成功。 一半以上的物品都找到了新家和新主人。 這個場合也為辛苦的全職父母們提供了一個很好的交流機會,讓他們彼此分享購買兒童用品和撫養孩子方面的小撇步。 讓我們一起期待未來更多的 FunPodium 親子活動吧!

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