Marketing Manager 行銷經理

Super 8 雲發互動科技


我們是 Super 8 雲發互動,在LINE 官方帳號 / Facebook / Instagram 等即時通訊軟體上打造一站式自動化行銷/客服的 SaaS 雲端解決方案。

This candidate will be a highly motivated, self-starter able to identify and develop new business prospects from multiple sources including inbound marketing leads, prospect lists, discovery, and individual research. A dynamic personality with a drive to reach decision-makers is essential!

The Marketing Manager is expected to:

1. Develop and evaluate sales or promotional strategies based on company goals, market characteristics, and cost and profit considerations.
2. Evaluate marketing budgets and plans, such as allocating budget quotas and forecasting ROI and P&L.
- Manage and execute PPC, paid social, remarketing, and other ad spend.
3. Develop OMO (Online Merge Offline) integrated operation strategies, assisting in the formulation of strategies for virtual and physical channel operations such as product sales, marketing management, and event planning.
- Create a digital marketing plan that will generate leads.
4. Provide sales support to the business department, including conducting seminars, educational training, sales planning, document preparation, strategy formulation, and customer presentations on product features.
- Support the sales team to improve performance, control, and maintenance of their leads.
5. Implement and integrate platform solutions, assisting clients in the implementation of platform solutions, including platform usage instruction, coordination with existing systems integration, and project management.
6. Utilize tracking and analysis to understand customer usage, capture customer feedback, adjust sales strategies and documents, and provide recommendations for platform solution adjustments.
7. Data analysis:
-Analyze data on marketing tools used by platform customers to provide effectiveness evaluation and recommendations for new feature or product development.
- Analyze customer membership data, including membership consumption habits and remarketing tools.
8. Market research, including industry trends, competitor analysis, and suggestions for future development trends.
9. Strategic partnership relationships: Seek suitable external resources for various product strategy directions, negotiate and establish commercial cooperation, and agree on cooperation plans.
10. Media and public relations-related work.
11.Responsible for the hiring, training and performance evaluation of marketing personnel and overseeing the day-to-day operations.


*Proven history driving demand for a SaaS software company.
*3+ years of account-based or similar B2B marketing experience at a SaaS company.
*3+ years of experience administering lead generation and CRM or something similar.
*3+ years experience using a modern marketing automation tool for campaigns, sequences and A/B testing.
*Content marketing and content creation experience preferred.
*Experience with event planning and on-site advertising at industry events and locations.
*Experience with Start-up company marketing preferred.
*Experience in growth-hacking and early-stage customer acquisition, marketing experimentation.
*SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad or Blueprint certification preferred.




Google Analytics (分析) 個人認證資格
Google Adwords 認證
Google Ads 搜尋廣告認證
Google Ads 多媒體廣告認證





想找一間兼具設計人文,雲端技術與商業模式創新的公司,來 Super 8 就對了!

- 彈性工作時間
- 免費且無限補充的零食、咖啡、不定時下午茶 
- Employee Learning Project,鼓勵自主學習,包含購買書籍、課程等皆可申請補助 
- 尾牙不用表演,專心享用美食及拿大獎即可 
- 每人配備獨立桌面與 23" DELL 螢幕,正職員工亦提供 Mac 公司機