Customer Success Rep 客戶成功代表


想找一間兼具設計人文,雲端技術與商業模式創新的公司,來 Super 8 就對了!

名稱: 8 Interactive


地址: 台北市內湖區洲子街80號7F


Customer Success Managers are responsible for the relationships between Super 8 and our contract clients, driving value realization and return on the client’s investment. Customer Success Managers are technology-savvy individuals who have experience with high value commercial clients and know technology’s value in driving strategic business processes. You will work directly with our clients to understand business and technical requirements, and feedback to product team to ensure our long term success.



Must have prior experience with Sales or customer success role in a "SaaS" company.

[ What you’ll do ]

Provide client relationship management for all assigned clients.
Be a trusted advisor to enable clients to apply our tools to achieve their business objectives.
Provide resources to answer clients' questions, identifying needs for account customization and further implementation where applicable.
Ensure that every client contract is renewed.
Assist clients to expand their usage and adoption of our platform.
Work closely with Sales Executive and consult with other team members (consulting/project management/engineering services/customer support) to be sure mutual objectives are met in support of client satisfaction.
Communicate consistently with clients throughout the contract lifecycle, escalating important issues where needed.
Maintain client contact and provide status updates for all outstanding issues.
Manage client expectations, keeping clients satisfied and expectations realistic.
Coordinate with customer support to ensure timely closure of quality issues.
Fully understand client requests, documenting and engaging appropriate resources.

[ What you need to succeed ]

Bachelor’s degree in business management or relevant field.
Passion for client success.
Demonstrated exceptional customer skills from previous employment.
Strong and proven track record of successfully managing client relationships and technical projects.
Excellent work ethic and leadership skills.
Self-motivated, team-oriented, very responsible, and focused on exceeding client expectations.
Understanding of enterprise internet business, models and online processes, terminology, concepts and strategies.
Exceptional organizational, presentation, and communication skills, both verbal and written.
Demonstrated ability to deal with change and excel in high-stress situations.

[ Special Consideration Given For ]
Master’s degree or other advanced education.
Prior account management and/or project management experience.
Knowledge of and experience with digital marketing and growth hacking tools.


- 彈性工作時間,不打卡,每日工作八小時 
- 到職日第一年即享有 7 天有薪假,未滿一年依比例計算,之後每滿 1 年增加 1 天 
- 免費且無限補充的零食、咖啡、不定時下午茶 
- 一年兩次不定時海內外員工 Team Building 旅遊活動 
- 每季一次威秀電影之夜,可攜伴參加 
- 每月一次 創新 Workshop ,講師來自內部或外部,課程內容也開放大家提議 
- 全身健康檢查補助 
- Employee Learning Project,鼓勵自主學習,包含購買書籍、課程等皆可申請補助 
- 尾牙不用表演,專心享用美食及拿大獎即可 

- 時薪:$160 元起,將視實際能力與貢獻增加
- 超彈性上下班時間、實習周數與每週上班天數
- 免費且無限補充的零食、咖啡、不定時下午茶 
- 實習期間表現優異,我們將誠摯地歡迎您成為我們的正職夥伴

- 媲美美國矽谷新創公司的工作環境,辦公室位於內湖洲子街雙捷運,雙 Startbucks 正中間,在挑高兩米建築與充滿熱帶雨林氣息的空間工作,並與其他嚴選進入共享空間的新創公司(VR/AR, 人工智慧,物聯網)交流合作
- 每人配備獨立桌面與 23" DELL 螢幕,正職員工亦提供 Mac 公司機 
- 面對臺北內湖洲子街整排透明落地玻璃、獨立會議室和投影設備、全環狀自由塗鴉白板牆、豪華吧檯、沙發休閒區、60" LG 電視搭配 PS4,免費媲美三創 VIVE LAND 的 VR 實驗室(HTC Vive & Facebook Oculus Rift)


NT$ 40,000 - 100,000 (月薪)


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