Software Development Manager(Backend) 軟體開發經理

Alfred Systems Inc. (阿福管家)

最近更新於 2024-07-16


▍About AlfredCamera

From day one, we’ve been guided by the belief that home security should be made accessible to everyone. We started out by offering a software solution that turns your old phone into a security camera in 2014. Since then, this simple but powerful idea has become the go-to security app for more than 70 millions families worldwide. In 2022, we launched our first hardware product, AlfredCam, which opened up an exciting new chapter for us. And 2023 is going to be an even more exhilarating year, as we are taking more proactive actions to respond to our consumers and expanding our presence in more countries. If you want to be a game changer for one of the most trusted brands worldwide, we have the right opportunity for you!

▍About this role

We are currently looking for a skilled, experienced, and passionate engineering lead to further strengthen the technical capabilities of the current backend team, and facilitate internal communication and resource management. The successful candidate will serve as a bridge between technology and business, ensuring that our technical endeavors align seamlessly with the company's strategic goals. This role offers a unique opportunity to impact our global user base and foster the growth of our talented engineering team.


You will be entrusted with spearheading our engineering unit, facilitating the development of team members' technical and professional acumen. 

In this job, you will be responsible for:

  • Technical Leadership and Architectural Design:
    - Lead the team in complex system architecture design and restructuring, with a focus on ensuring high performance, availability, and security.
    - Actively participate in technology selection, carrying out evaluations, and orchestrating the introduction of novel technologies and tools to enhance development efficiency and bolster system stability.

  • People Management:
    - Manage and mentor engineering teams, guide their growth, and cultivate a collaborative, high-performance work culture.
    - Cultivate an environment that promotes individual and collective excellence, ensuring alignment with the company's vision and goals.

  • Development and Coding:
    - Collaborate in the creation of pivotal features, providing astute technical guidance to ensure the delivery of high-caliber code.
    - Act as the team's cornerstone for resolving intricate technical issues, overseeing code reviews, and enforcing adherence to best practices and code quality standards.
    - Pioneer the design and implementation of CI/CD pipelines, with a strong emphasis on automating testing and deployment processes, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the developmental workflow.

  • Performance Enhancement and Optimization:
    - Lead efforts in performance optimization, including performance tuning, database optimization, and advanced caching strategies, to elevate system performance.

  • Technical Knowledge Sharing:
    - Share your depth of knowledge with fellow team members, fostering an environment of continual technical refinement.
    - Provide guidance on the incorporation of new technologies and tools to promote ongoing learning and professional development.

  • Contributions to Business and Product Decision-Making:
    - Actively participate in strategic deliberations regarding business and product strategies, offering invaluable technical insights and recommendations to align technology with the organization's objectives.


  • Proven track record of at least 5 years in hands-on software engineering, with a substantial portion dedicated to building large-scale web services using JavaScript, with expertise in Node.js/Express.js/Next.js/Fastify or related frameworks. 
  • Minimum of 2 years in a leadership role, with a strong emphasis on managing and mentoring engineering teams, guiding their growth, and fostering a collaborative and high-performance work culture. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with a history of effectively collaborating with cross-functional teams and stakeholders. 
  • A demonstrated ability to shape and drive technical strategy, aligning it with overarching business objectives, and contributing to product and architectural decisions.
  • Demonstrated experience in complex system architectural design and restructuring, ensuring robustness, scalability, security, and high performance. 
  • Proficiency in container technologies, including but not limited to Docker, AWS EKS, AWS ECS, or GKE. Adeptness in AWS or GCP core services, coupled with practical experience in leveraging these services to meet architectural and business objectives. 
  • Familiarity with Linux/Mac development environments and a notable track record of shell script composition. Competency in any CI/CD tools, encompassing but not confined to GitLab Runner, GitHub Action, Jenkins, or CircleCI. 





  • Competitive salary with bonus (NT$ 2,000,000-2,600,000/year)
    • Office located in Taipei central business district (across from Taipei 101!)
    • We encourage our employers to work 8 hours a day (no OT culture!)
    • We offer a hybrid working environment, work in the office at least two days a week (enjoy the rest at home/cafe/wherever you like!)
    • Comprehensive on-job training, including company culture, product mindset, data insight, user research, growth strategy, etc.
    • Other countless perks: free AlfredCamera products, unlimited snacks, Nespresso coffee, soft drinks & alcohols (yes, we have a bartender!), and TGIF happy hour occasionally!


NT$ 2,000,000 - 2,600,000 (年薪)