Sales and Marketing Manager 銷售與市場經理

Alfred Systems Inc. (阿福管家)

最近更新於 2024-05-13



▍About AlfredCamera

At AlfredCamera, we are on a mission to provide accessible security solutions that bring peace of mind to millions of users worldwide. Our app turns unused smartphones into surveillance cameras, providing a sustainable and user-friendly security option. We are seeking a dynamic Sales and Marketing Manager to spearhead our growth initiatives and elevate our brand to new heights.

▍Position Overview

The primary job objective of a Sales and Marketing Manager is to enhance product sales. This involves strategically positioning the product in the market, effectively communicating its value to target customers, and optimizing the sales process to increase revenue and market share.

▍Key Responsibilities

• Product Marketing: Responsible for communicating and conveying the real values of the product to the market, especially through in-product communication.
• Pricing and Paywall Design: Develops and implements pricing structures and designs paywall systems to optimize revenue.
• User Journey Design and Communication Strategy: Designs the customer journey and strategies on how to communicate effectively with different segments of users.
• Conversion Rate Optimization: Focuses on strategies and tactics to increase the percentage of users who perform desired actions on the platform.
• Localization: Adapts the product and marketing materials to meet the needs and preferences of different regional markets.
• Sales Campaign and Promotions Design: Designs and implements sales campaigns and promotional activities to boost sales and customer engagement.
• Customer Relationship and CRM: Manage customer relationships to enhance satisfaction and loyalty, utilizing CRM tools to analyze customer interactions and data, streamline processes, and ensure that the sales team can effectively track and manage client relationships.


• Experience with SaaS Products: Demonstrated experience in selling and acquiring customers for SaaS-type products.
• Copywriting Skills: Ability to communicate product value effectively through persuasive copywriting.
• Product Strategy Skills: Skills in product pricing, positioning, communicating unique selling propositions, and designing product sales combinations.
• Market and Consumer Insight: Ability to understand the market and consumer thoughts through various methods, including the skill to effectively segment customers to tailor marketing and sales strategies.
• Designing Customer Journeys: Capability to design sales journeys based on understanding consumer psychology.
• Technology and Tools Proficiency: Ability to enhance efficiency and quality of outputs using technology and tools.
• Data Analysis: Strong skills in data analysis and the ability to quantify results.
• Learning from Case Studies: Ability to deconstruct, analyze, and learn from case studies independently.





  • Competitive salary with bonus (NT$800,000-1,600,000/year)
  • Office located in Taipei central business district (across from Taipei 101!)
  • We encourage our employers to work 8 hours a day (no OT culture!)
  • We offer a hybrid working environment, work in the office at least two days a week (enjoy the rest at home/cafe/wherever you like!)
  • Comprehensive on-job training, including company culture, product mindset, data insight, user research, growth strategy, etc.
  • Other countless perks: free AlfredCamera products, unlimited snacks, Nespresso coffee, soft drinks & alcohols (yes, we have a bartender!), and TGIF happy hour occasionally!


NT$ 800,000 - 1,600,000 (年薪)