Customer Service Specialist 客戶服務專員

Alfred Systems Inc. (阿福管家)

最近更新於 2024-06-24


▍About AlfredCamera

At AlfredCamera, we are on a mission to provide accessible security solutions that bring peace of mind to millions of users worldwide. Our app turns unused smartphones into surveillance cameras, providing a sustainable and user-friendly security option. 

▍About This Role

As part of the delivery department, the customer operations team of AlfredCamera is responsible for managing user relationships, including front-line technical support and after-sales services for users. At AlfredCamera, we believe that customer service/support not only involves passive assistance to help users troubleshoot problems but also actively analyzing user feedback to understand their needs and pain points.

As a customer service specialist, you will be the representative of users in the delivery team, translating user feedback into product optimization suggestions and continuously driving product and service improvements.

The customer operations team of AlfredCamera treats the customer service process and system as a product to operate. As the primary user of the customer service tools, you will continuously propose improvements to the customer service tools, improve customer service process efficiency, and invest time in solving the most important user issues.
If you have ideas about customer experience (CX) and like to solve problems in a systematic way, we welcome you to join us!

To help you get started quickly in the early stages, during onboarding, we will arrange courses to assist you in mastering product specifications, customer service tools, cross-team collaboration processes, and many other duties. You will also participate in the general training provided by cross-departmental partners to help you better understand the company culture and product thinking, including:

• Company vision, organizational structure, development direction, business model, and North Star indicators
• Current goals, measuring indicators, and strategic paths (Roadmap)
• Product data context, user and data insights (Insight)
• Data-driven operations, product growth framework, and monetization strategies

AlfredCamera values partner growth very much. In addition to regularly sharing some development trends, you can also participate in internal book clubs to accumulate knowledge on user research, data-driven operations, agile, product thinking, and related topics.


You will be responsible for responding to customer service inquiries via email, store reviews, and feedback forms. You will also monitor and analyze user feedback to generate insights for product improvement. Additionally, you will propose and optimize customer service tools, such as Help Center, feedback forms, and the Zendesk customer relationship management platform, to enhance team efficiency. You will assist in designing the training system for new hires and serve as a mentor.


• 1+ Customer Service/Success experience
• Proficient writing skills in English and Mandarin
• Sensitive in understanding customers' sentiment


• Basic experience with reviewing logs is a plus, as the role involves occasionally looking into system logs for troubleshooting
• Experience in participating in user research or planning customer experience improvement programs
• Long-term cross-cultural living experience
• Japanese or proficiency in a second foreign language





混合式辦公 - 遠端工作與實體上班兼具,彈性上下班時間,標準工時不加班!保持好體力好心情才走得長遠
工作滿三個月即享有優於勞基法規定的 10 天特休假以及 5 天全薪醫療假(可用於就醫或健檢),並逐年增加
捷運台北 101/世貿站步行 3 分鐘 (約 300 公尺),交通最方便
挑高 3.6m 的人性化工作環境,採光良好大片窗景加上戶外陽台,前看陽明後望象山
工欲善其事,必先利其器。每位夥伴皆配備 MacBook Pro 或 iMac
辦公室備有 3M 醫療級飲水系統及 Blueair 680i 空氣清淨機,並採用德國微生物技術全屋除甲醛,呵護每位夥伴的健康
Nespresso 膠囊咖啡與奶泡機
【 部分福利僅全職人員適用 】


NT$ 630,000 - 770,000 (年薪)