“Generalist” - Open to Accept Diverse Challenges



AmazingTalker is an online language tutoring platform that helps students to match with the best-fit tutors. With our exponential growth since Aug 2016, there has been more than 100K users from 50+ countries on our platform. To better communicate with our users from all over the world, we are hiring language enthusiasts who like to interact with people and provide a better experience to our users.

Who's right for the job?
1. Fast Learner
AmazingTalker has a lot of pending unknown problems to be resolved. We haven’t set up a standard operation process to deal with those problems yet, so you need to be a fast learner to identify, analyse and eventually resolve those unknown problems.

2. Strong in execution`

AmazingTalker has a fast-paced culture. We will feel disconnected from our teammates if we miss a working day. Since we keep doing experiment and iteration every day, our decision will be driven by those new information. Only with strong execution ability, you are capable to adapt our fast-paced culture and cooperate with our teammates.

3. Ambitious `
All our teammates are desired to make AmazingTalker the greatest place for talents. If you are self-demanding, desired to grow and ambitious, we welcome your joining.

Work Expectation
After you’re joining, we do not expect you to become a specialist and keep doing repetitive jobs, but a generalist who are open to accept different kinds of challenges. No matter what you do, you see every day and every project as a chance to push your field forward. We’re look for people who do more than good.



1. Logical and smart
2. Native speaker of the following languages:


3. Proficient in either one of the following languages: (both written & spoken)



1. Experienced in user research and design, including but not limited to UI, UX, Graphic, Software, etc. (Please attach your portfolio)
2. Experienced in copywriting.

Place of Work:
16/F, No. 601, Siyuan Rd, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 242




  • 週休二日、國定假日連休不補班
  • 15天的特休假,每年增加一天
  • 女性同仁每月生理假 1 天
  • 彈性上下班時間(上班 10:00 - 12:00 ;下班 19:00 - 21:00)


  • 室內健身設備、瑜珈教室、豪華按摩椅
  • 吃不完的零食、飲料和健康食品
  • 每晚 7 點提供免費營養晚餐
  • 沙發、懶骨頭、PS4 電動隨時放鬆
  • 有一隻公司貓『啤啤』偶爾會撒嬌


  • 距離捷運『新北產業園區站』走路 1 分鐘路程
  • 佔地 400 坪辦公室
  • 配備人體工學辦公椅、27吋大屏幕
  • 站桌、昇降桌隨時使用


  • 不定期舉辦員工聚餐、員工旅遊、運動、桌遊活動
  • 提供內部線上外語課程補貼、外部課程和書籍補助


  • 薪資架構每年 14 個月
  • 按工作表現每半年到一年加薪
  • 員工股權認購


NT$ 40,000 - 60,000 (月薪)


About Us AmazingTalker 致力建立全面的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到合適的家教,以不斷提昇線上...
正職NT$ 1,260,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
About Us AmazingTalker 致力建立全面的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到合適的家教,以不斷提昇線上...
正職NT$ 1,260,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
About Us AmazingTalker 致力建立全面的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到合適的家教,以不斷提昇線上...
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正職NT$ 1,400,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 1,400,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/3de86...
正職NT$ 1,400,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 980,000 - 1,400,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 1,120,000 - 1,960,000 (年薪)
【 只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者 】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/e25c60...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 40,000 (月薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/88c1215f4...
正職NT$ 60,000 - 100,000 (月薪)
*Only applications submitted through the following link will b...
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/43b9f9e...
正職NT$ 70,000 - 100,000 (月薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/893a99516...
正職NT$ 48,000 - 55,000 (月薪)
AmazingTalker 致力建立一個全面的線上學習平台,讓任何人都可以找到合適的家教,在線上學習任何語言和知識。自201...
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/6c80a69b6...
正職NT$ 42,000 - 48,000 (月薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/15b1197e4...
正職NT$ 60,000 - 100,000 (月薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/618fcccc0...
正職NT$ 1,400,000 - 2,100,000 (年薪)
【只處理透過以下連結申請的應徵者】 https://amazingtalker.breezy.hr/p/b77abc19d...
正職NT$ 672,000 - 1,119,974 (年薪)