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“Liquidize Real-World Assets (RWA) with Web3 & DeFi”

Discover the Future of Supply Chain Finance with BSOS!

BSOS (Blockchain for Supply Chain Finance Operating System), a groundbreaking supply chain fintech company in the Web3 era, was founded in 2018, with a mission to revolutionize supply chain payment methods and boost the efficiency of invoice financing, while tackling liquidity issues head-on and fortifying global supply chain finance.

BSOS was founded by notable global investors, including 500 Global, Taiwan National Development Fund, Pegatron Corporation's venture arm, Taishin Financial Holding, and Shinshin Credit Corporation. Their combined expertise and strategic partnerships position BSOS at the forefront of innovation in both the supply chain and financial industries.

As an esteemed early technical partner of ConsenSys in Asia, BSOS has a proven track record of excellence. We have successfully developed cutting-edge blockchain systems for renowned financial groups like Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank and Cathay Financial Holdings. CBINSIGHTS recognized BSOS as one of the top 35 most promising blockchain startups globally.

Our stellar supply chain finance SaaS product - SUPLEX, is designed to empower supply chain companies. SUPLEX streamlines accounts receivable financing and financial services management, unlocking new levels of efficiency and growth. This exceptional product has earned prestigious accolades like the CSIC Annual Innovation Award and the SaaS Awards' Best SaaS Product in the Fintech category. In 2023, BSOS partnered with SAP to create a resilient supply chain finance solution, setting the stage for a revolutionary industry transformation. Get ready for enhanced efficiency and seamless operations as we redefine supply chain finance together.

Join us on this captivating journey as we delve into the world of BSOS, where innovation meets practicality, and the future of supply chain finance comes alive. Let's embark on this transformative adventure with BSOS!

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Daniel Huang

Daniel Huang CEO

Daniel 為企業以太坊規格制定成員、台灣區塊鏈愛好者協會技術顧問,熱愛探索事物的本質,對創新有無比的熱情,希望打造的產品能為世界帶來新的價值。擁有15年軟體開發經驗,曾任美國上市公司 Cheetah Mobile、ASUS、電商集團等軟體產品負責人,早期創辦的互聯網公司 OneTalk 獲收購後,2018 年創立 BSOS,以 Liquidize Real World Assets 為使命,致力以 Web3 模式打造新時代的供應鏈金融生態。





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