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Bitmark is the property system for establishing value and legal control over the world’...

名稱: Bitmark


地址: 台灣115台北市南港區重陽路489...



Bitmark Inc. – a venture-backed software company – is looking for candidates to join our team and accelerate development of our blockchain and related services.

You'll get to work in an environment that deeply values design and engineering, alongside a talented team with industry-proven open source (we are ex-Openmoko people) and design experience.

Reports to: Head of Engineering


Profiles that are important to us:
.Basic English communication skills
.Strong system administration and networking skills
.Knowledge of OS installation, configuration, and maintenance (we use Ubuntu and FreeBSD)
.Knowledge of cloud VM service providers (we use DigitalOcean)
.Knowledge of automated deployment tools (we currently use Ansible)
.Knowledge of database backup and monitoring (we use PostgreSQL, LevelDB, Redis, …)
.Knowledge of network monitoring and performance
.Solid security and network hardening fundamentals
.You are creative and analytical, and like to be appreciated for both
.You are passionate about contributing to open-source codebases


● Competitive salary
● Child care benefits
● Stock options


Essential job functions: * Articulate, develop, and pr...
Essential job functions: * Explore UX solutions based ...