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Bitmark’s Mission is to Give Individuals Control Over Their Data



Bitmark restores trust in data. Our end-to-end Internet protocol secures the provenance of data. This makes it possible to have verifiable information, digital property rights, and safe sharing of personal data—without the need for trusted third parties. UC Berkeley, Pfizer, and KKBOX use Bitmark in healthcare, music, art, and more. #digitalrights


Historically, oil and gold were two of the great commodities, but as we move further into the twenty-first century, it’s going to be all about information. Data is the great untapped resource of the digital age.

Social media and search engines have proven this by monetizing search terms and user information, but what they’re doing is just the tip of the iceberg: there’s much more below the surface than what we can see. We could look at this monetarily: a large social-media network earns about $200 per user per year, but industry estimates suggest that a user’s data is worth at least ten times that. However, we prefer to look at this personally: data could be used to improve our lives, to enhance our health, or to make the world a better place, but that doesn’t spark the interest of networks focused on ad sales. As a result, these depths of value are currently unplumbed.

Bitmark wants to change that.

Our mission is to give you control over your digital assets of all sorts: the agency to use your own data and the autonomy to control its use by others. We want to allow you to donate your data, to trade it, or even to sell it — or if you prefer, to withhold its usage. Whether you want to use your data or protect it, Bitmark is there for you.

Bitmark kicked off this mission when it was founded in 2014. We created a backend for our digital-rights platform called the Bitmark Protocol. Since then, we’ve formed a variety of partnerships and released a number of products that use the Bitmark Protocol to maximize individual control of data. We worked with KKBOX to register digital music royalties; collaborated with Casey Reas to create the A2P digital art marketplace and with KKBOX to create a marketplace for digital beats; and went to the heart of digital-data control by architecting a new social network with Blockchain Commons.

However, our most notable work may have been with Pfizer, UC Berkeley, and Health2Sync, each of whom we worked with to manage medical data. We helped Pfizer to match individuals with clinical trials while protecting their privacy; we supported UC Berkeley in allowing individuals to donate medical information to studies; and we partnered with Heath2Sync to create a diabetes data trust where patients could pool their medical data for research at scale. Each of these usages of the Bitmark Protocol has given individuals control over their data while supporting the public good.

We’re now working on Autonomy, a full-node crypto wallet. With its Contact List and its backup system, it makes accessing bitcoins simple and safe. In the future, we also plan to turn it into a user-focused frontend to the Bitmark Protocol, allowing you to control all of your digital assets from one place.

Whatever your data, however you want to use it, Bitmark is putting you in control.




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