Brand Karma

Brand Karma

Brand Karma 美商千祐媒體顧問為 Next Story Group 旗下子公司,專注於提供新媒體服務以及打造真實 VR 體驗,並同時協助品牌經營及管理,增加品牌知名...



Brand Karma 美商千祐媒體顧問為 Next Story Group 旗下子公司,專注於提供新媒體服務以及打造真實 VR 體驗,並同時協助品牌經營及管理,增加品牌知名度與客戶好感度。
我們的合作夥伴為全球知名領導品牌,例如: GAP, Honeywell, W Hotels, Madarin Oriental 等。主要營業據點包括美國、新加坡、日本、中國以及台灣。

Brand Karma is a subsidiary of Next Story Group, it is focusing on providing cutting edge new media services and creates immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences to forward thinking brands.

By providing cutting edge tools and creative expertise, Brand Karma helps brands drive sales by thrilling and delighting their customers. We've worked with brands such as GAP, Honeywell, W Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, etc. The company operates a global team from offices in the US, Singapore, Greater China, and Japan.


Brand Karma builds brands through immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, digital marketing, and storytelling.

We are a multi-talented group of filmmakers and consultants, with an extensive background in the travel and hospitality industry and looking to expand our influence in other industries.

With offices worldwide, we bring immersive VR storytelling and efficient tools to thought leaders and enthusiasts all around the globe.

Brand Karma 協助品牌打造真實 VR 體驗,幫助品牌成長以及提供數位行銷顧問服務。我們的團隊由專精各種領域的影片內容創作者和行銷顧問們組成。






Working at Brand Karma will expose you to a lot of different projects for a diverse set of industries. You'll enter a creative work environment where teamwork is key. On top of an exciting journey ahead, Brand Karma also offers other fringe benefits:

- health insurance
- group insurance
- annual leaves (in line with the law)
- flexible working hours
- subsidies for personal development
- annual health check
- international opportunities

在Brand Karma工作,將會接觸到豐富多彩的挑戰。
我們注重團隊精神,形成一個充滿創造力的工作環境。同時Brand Karma提供以下員工福利:
-特休 (依照勞基法規定)