Senior iOS Engineer


“Get Electrified!”

名稱: 宅電 ChargeSmith

地區:臺灣 台北





- Build and maintain ChargeSmith applications for global market.
- System design and documentation
- Work closely with other experts in the same scrum team like server side developers and UX designers to build new products.
- Act as a member of a scrum team, develop yourself by sharing and learning from other talents.
- Work closely with our product, design and development teams to build new apps or features


- B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or related fields.
- Strong coding abilities and experience with Swift (must) / Objective-C (plus).
- Experience building mobile application.
- Experience in object-oriented software development.
- Experience with multi-threaded programming.
- Experience in understanding large and complex code bases.
- Experience backend development will be plus.


【 文化與福利 】
ϟ 團隊效率極致發揮,部門自主定義遠端工作
ϟ 星期一不會藍,每週一享受免費午餐
ϟ 每月交通補助,工作往來無負擔
ϟ 每季補助電動車出租體驗
ϟ 年度電動車文化之旅 EV Team Build
ϟ 年度員工健康檢查
ϟ 三節、結婚、生育與家庭慰問金
ϟ 團隊專業人才培訓補助
ϟ 人手一台 Macbook Air / Pro與工作用軟體

【 請 / 休假制度 】
ϟ 彈性工作時間,無午休限制
ϟ 到職即年假 10 天,每年至少連續休假 5 日
ϟ 每年 12 天全薪病假
ϟ 壽星享當月一日假期


NT$ 950,000 - 1,050,000 (年薪)