AI Intern


最近更新於 2023-09-28


Company Overview:

Recognized by Taiwan government as one of “Next Big” startups, GoFreight is to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the global freight-forwarding industry. We are searching for a self-motivated AI Intern who is eager to take the lead on crucial projects and drive innovative solutions.


  • Spearhead the research and prototype of different machine learning models tailored to logistics optimization.
  • Drive the end-to-end development of AI-powered tools specific to freight-forwarding challenges.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate AI solutions into existing development processes.
  • Ensure robust testing and validation of AI models, continually striving for performance enhancement.
  • Diligently document methodologies, insights, and results for cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Engage proactively in team meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, often taking the initiative in problem-solving discussion
  • Stay updated with AI advancements, especially those pertinent to the logistics domain, and advocate for their potential applications within GoFreight.


  • Chance to shape the future of logistics with AI at a leading company.
  • Immersive exposure to real-world AI applications in the logistics space.
  • Competitive stipend.
  • Opportunity for a full-time role based on project success and individual performance.
  • Access to industry-specific workshops and training sessions.


  • Currently pursuing or have recently completed a degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, or a related domain.
  • Hands-on experience with prominent AI and ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras.
  • Proficient in Python programming and familiar with its data science libraries.
  • Demonstrable experience or coursework in machine learning, deep learning, or data analytics.
  • An innate knack for analytical thinking and problem-solving.
  • A self-starter attitude with the drive to take ownership of projects and see them to completion.
  • Stellar communication skills with the ability to articulate complex ideas simply.
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Exposure to challenges specific to the freight-forwarding domain and their potential AI-driven solutions.



  • 配置個人筆電、測試機及兩個以上的27吋螢幕
  • 高級人體工學坐椅及工業風的辦公環境,營造開放又舒適的工作氣氛


  • 無限量的零食飲料及各式飲料,讓你吃喝無極限
  • 現磨咖啡機、膠囊咖啡機通通有,重現塞納河畔左岸風情
  • 每周新鮮水果、快閃下午茶,補充上班時所需的能量
  • 不定期的Team Building、出遊與聚餐,自由參加團隊交流活動
  • 硬漢按摩小棧,在公司也讓你享受通體舒暢的專業舒壓按摩


  • 補助講座、研討會、線上課程與書籍,上課當天給予進修假
  • 高額員工推薦獎金,吸引優秀人才加入團隊,互相切磋交流一起共好


  • 推崇自律文化、高效工作
  • 周休二日,補班日不上班
  • 員工團體保險,公司全額負擔
  • 彈性工時與休假,若有需要也能申請 Work from home


  • 扁平組織、透明的公司文化,每季All Hands Meeting,一同參與公司的重要決策
  • 每年檢視公司業績目標與績效評鑑,給予獎金激勵團隊士氣
  • 對於當前及未來目標設立明確,旨在成為新創界的航海王
  • 年輕又有活力的新創團隊,互相激盪火花,一起在台灣打造世界級產品


NT$ 200 - 200 (時薪)