Growth and Digital Marketing Intern

Hard Core Technology


Global SaaS looking for a Growth and Digital Marketing Intern

GoFreight is a modern, web-based SaaS for international freight forwarders and NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers). It is designed to simplify the traditional complex freight management process and increase efficiency with the most current internet technologies. Constant updates and responsive customer support have earned it one of the most beloved freight management systems in the industry

Riding the current trend of freight industry digitalization, GoFreight is experiencing a booming growth and looking for more.



  • Content development and distribution to drive website traffic
  • Growth Marketing: planning, designing, and execution
  • Website management: performance tracking, SEO, Keyword, Google Analytics
  • Online community: Q&A sites, Review sites, online groups


Good to have:

  • Digital marketing or content development (copy-based) experience or background
  • Recently graduated and available 5-day (40hrs) a week for over a year



We offer an above industry average of NT160-220 hourly rate depending on the candidate quality.



  • Native to near-native English writing and editing skill
  • Minimum 3 days (or equivalent to a total 24 hours) per week for 6 month
  • Proactively learning logistics/freight industry


【 重要福利 】
- 不斷進步的你,以及不斷進步的團隊
- 良好的工作環境,扁平的組織
- 透明及高效能的公司文化

【其它小福利 】
- MacBook Pro 13” 16G Ram (軟體工程師)
- 有需要可配至少二個大螢幕
- 舒適的高級人體工學椅
- 參加國內程式開發者相關 conference 全額補助
- 上班時間彈性,不需要加班給主管看,能有效率處理完公事準時下班最歡迎
- 彈性的休假
- 不定時公司聚餐,絕對是吃到飽、喝到掛(誤),慰勞辛苦的大家
- 吃不完的飲料點心,喝到飽的咖啡機
- 全新大樓全新裝潢辦公室 ,激發無限創意


NT$ 160 - 220 (時薪)


【 團隊介紹 】 我們新創團隊中個個都是擁有豐富經驗和執行實力的好手,所以除了把基本功能實作出來之外,我們也追...
正職NT$ 800,000 - 1,000,000 (年薪)
【 團隊介紹 】 我們新創團隊中個個都是擁有豐富經驗和執行實力的好手,所以除了把基本功能實作出來之外,...
正職NT$ 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)
What We Need From You The Most                                ...
【 團隊介紹 】 我們新創團隊中個個都是擁有豐富經驗和執行實力的好手,所以除了把基本功能實作出來之外,我們也追...
正職NT$ 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)
[Foundamental] Create Requirements — Create clear product req...
正職NT$ 50,000 - 120,000 (月薪)
Responsibilities Content plays an important role in inbound...
正職NT$ 40,000 - 50,000 (月薪)