Customer Success and Operation Specialist 用戶成長與營運專員




Our Customer Success Specialist is tasked with providing exceptional care and support for our broad consumer base. Our Customer Success Team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of our clients’ products and services. We are responsible for providing clear and knowledgeable responses for consumer inquiries, providing guided troubleshooting, and promoting new client offerings. The satisfaction of our consumers is paramount to our success, so our associates must be great communicators dedicated to top tier Customer Success.

1. 與團隊成員溝通協作,解決用戶使用 JANDI 時的各種問題。
2. 能掌握用戶潛在需求,與開發團隊簡單溝通產品或服務上改進之處。
3. 冷靜且嚴謹處理突發性問題;熱情且溫暖站在用戶立場思考。
4. 具備行銷思維的用戶成長,規劃與設計訊息流程,讓用戶在體驗流程中適時獲取足夠資訊並成為活躍用戶。
5. 支援營運、行銷和業務夥伴提升用戶滿意度。

【Essential Functions】

1. Collaborates and communicates effectively in a team environment to resolve customer issues and tickets.
2. Provides customers with detailed information about current products and services.
3. Handles escalations in a calm, professional and efficient manner.
4. Communicates warmly and effectively with customers to drive long term retention
5. Introduces products and services while operating within SOP and Quality Assurance Guidelines
6. Educates potential / current customers on demands
7. Provides general administration support for all aspects of the business working flexibly to meet business needs.

1 人。


1. 至少兩年以上工作經驗,有新創團隊經驗尤佳。
2. 熟悉各種裝置使用環境,包含 MacOS、Windows、Android、iOS。
3. 具備中文與英文口頭與書寫能力 (須與外國開發團隊溝通協作)。
4. 問題解決與邏輯分析能力。
5. 懂得團隊合作,彼此分享充足資訊。
6. 永遠站在用戶立場思考。

【Core Competencies】
1. 2+ years work experience
2. Computer and mobile device literate (MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS)
3. Clear English and Chinese written and verbal communication abilities
4. Strong problem solving and analytical thinking skills
5. Operates well in a technical capacity in a teamwork oriented environment which requires consistent and clear communication
6. Client centric-approach: strives to achieve outcomes that meet both client goals and consumer needs



🌿 職涯規劃|有機會優先成為跨國新創正職成員

🌿 工作環境|進駐共創空間,可以和其他新創團隊直接交流

🌿 工作時間|依照你的行程,自行安排上班時間

🌿 工作風氣|開放、扁平,隨時都可以提出自己的看法

🌿 你的夥伴|成員橫跨 5 個國家,體驗跨國遠距溝通


NT$ 35,000 - (月薪)