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PLAYERIUM LTD 益遊數位坐落於台北,由遊戲產業中經驗豐富的專家們組成,是一家充滿熱情的國際化工作室。

We are constantly experimenting with the latest tools, methods and techniques to discover and learn new ways of creating exciting gaming experiences. If you are passionate about art, storytelling and technology, Playerium is the place for you.
We believe that exceptional game experiences come from gathering an outstanding group of professionals in a fun, relaxed and stimulating environment.

公司成員 ( 1 / 3 )

Solomon Temowo

Silvia Lin

Daniel Alenquer

Solomon Temowo CEO, Founder

Solomon has been credited in key production roles on some of the most celebrated AAA game franchises during the past 12 years. The results of his work can be found on a wide range of gaming platforms - such as VR, PlayStation, PSP, Xbox, 3DS, Wii, GameCube, Arcade, and Mobile.

Silvia Lin Executive Producer, Co-Founder

Silvia has performed different roles in a wide variety of management positions in the gaming industry. Her professional engagements allowed her to be actively involved in both planning and daily operations, translating high level strategy into specific operational actions.

Daniel Alenquer Creative Director, Co-Founder

Daniel has been designing technology centered products and experiences for the past 20 years. Prior to joining Playerium, Daniel was the Director of Design Strategy at ASUS and was responsible for spawning innovation programs across a wide portfolio of products.


"Craft fun experiences through synergy and convergence "



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