Company Operations Intern 管理營運實習生

PicCollage 拼貼趣是一個創意照片拼貼app,我們正在尋找喜歡新創環境的正職夥伴及實習生!


We are looking for Company Operations Interns to take part in tasks related to run a fast-moving growing company. During your internship, you will work on several company operations projects and tasks based on your interest and strengths, and learn how to operate and grow a fast-moving team, and improve the process and culture. 

你有著組織力、執行力和解決問題的能力,享受打造團隊文化的過程嗎?你將深入 PicCo 團隊的日常營運核心,從了解文化價值,放諸到打理團隊的日理萬機的方法和心態。你將從 日常團隊營運、內部活動籌辦、粉絲團貼文撰寫與推廣 等大小任務中,發揮你的行動力和問題解決能力,且樂觀地保持「從做中學」的心!



  • You will work closely with our Operations Members, and your work scope and focus will be as below - 
  • Office management: making office space that empowers members' collaboration! This includes office supplies ordering, environment management, team benefits arrangement, and execution.
  • Organizing events: planning and hosting team events
  • Company marketing: Work with members on coordinating social media to promote the company to the public and related communities. Including creating and editing content and running ads. 
  • Basic bookkeeping and petty cash management.


  • 你將和其他營運成員一起打造賦予成員信任、開放、創意的工作環境。讓辦公室成為大家 Like well, work well 的最佳場所,讓大家能在辦公室裡盡情地討論、交流、進行活動。
  • 組織團隊活動,從團隊交流、慶祝國際節日等,你將是團隊感情促進、活絡氣氛的推手!
  • 經營與維護團隊的社群媒體,用你的創意與點子讓更多人認識 PicCollage Company
  • 基礎記帳及零用金管理



You just love solving problems! 
You learn fast, take initiative, and are not afraid to ask questions.
Creative thinking and analytical skills
Organized, efficient, observant, patient, and committed.
Fair communication & writing skills in English and Chinese.


  • 喜歡解決問題,願意 ”耐心地找到問題“ 並 ”解決它“
  • 學得快、面對事情採積極態度,並且不害怕發問
  • 喜歡在日常中發揮創意
  • 能有條理的表達自己的想法
  • 流暢的中、英文書寫口說能力

Nice to have:

  • You love home/space decoration.
  • You know how to operate Figma or illustrator or anything equivalent.
  • You had experience in setting up google/facebook ads and you know how to know the ads performance.

Please note we prefer interns who can work at least 4 days a week (during the academic year) for at least 6 months. If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!

重要提醒:你一週需要和我們至少共事 4 天 (全職實習歡迎!),並至少連續 6 個月。如果以上描述工作內容讓你心動,且渴望一個加入充滿創意的新創團隊,快來讓我們認識你!







Flexible Work Time & Remote Work 彈性上下班時間 & 遠端工作

Maker Time 每週一天 Maker Time,不進行不必要的會議和討論

Team Activities and Workshops 各式活動與學習機會 (技術分享、Design Demo, Hack Days等)

Fun, Creative & International 雙語工作環境,團隊成員來自世界各地

Free Lunch and Dinner 團隊午餐晚餐

Sports Classes in Office/Online 和同事一起起來動一動

PicCafe 健康零食水果,永遠餵飽你的胃

Awesome Office 台北市景一望無際的辦公室


NT$ 220 - 220 (時薪)