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Hello everyone! ✨PicCollage is a photo collage app that empowers people to create, shar...





Hello everyone! ✨PicCollage is a photo collage app that empowers people to create, share and discover, with over 100 million downloads globally. You can download PicCollage for free on iOS, Android and Window10 platforms. PicCollage also has sticker partnerships with Sanrio, tokidoki, Mattel, Interscope Records and dozens of independent artists, development partnerships with Adobe, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HP and Giphy. It is also one of the first companies that the Facebook Messenger Platform partnered with and had collaboratively launched GIF CAM for Messenger during the Facebook Developer Conference in 2015. Our team is devoted into learning and applying new technologies (Machine Learning, elixir, react.js…etc), and will continue developing new apps by pushing creativity to its boundaries.

✨We are made up of several teams!

- A Global Team
PicCollagers are all over the world. Our co-founders and team members come from different countries such as US, Panama, Canada, Singapore, France and Taiwan, which creates a unique learning and sharing culture and gives us an advantage over other companies when building products for a global community.

- A Learning Team
We are all non-stop learners. We provide workshops and learning sessions across various topics like mobile app development, web front-end, machine learning, design thinking and many more! We also hold monthly events for developers and designers, including Cocoaheads Taipei, Android Taipei, and UI/UX Designer Night. At PicCollage, you can stay updated with the latest information, cutting-edge technology and concepts, and interact with people from various fields.

- An Open Team
Everyone on our team is free and encouraged to voice and share opinions and ideas. Through daily scrum, weekly team meeting and smart tools such as Slack and Trello, we encourage transparent information and open communication to build trust, including regular 1 on 1 meetings for everyone to share their inner thoughts and honest feedback with their managers and mentors.

A Smart-Working Team
Here, everyone works smart and efficiently. As long as you are highly motivated and have good time-management skills, you can have flexi-time work hours and workplace flexibility. We also have work-from-cafe days for us to embrace a different work environment and ambience to inspire fresh and innovative ideas.

A Team with Hacker Spirit
Not only does our product emphasize the importance of creating freely, but we also live to encourage free-thinking and creativity. Our PicCollage Hack Day is the best chance for you to share your own product ideas to others or try out new technology and build innovative products with other team members, and sometimes guest company participants.


Inventing the future of visual creativity



Hack, Play, Love, Share❤️
- 我們每週邀請使用者體驗新的產品及功能,相信使用者反饋及數據分析都是 Growth Hack 的關鍵
- Always be learning! 我們有讀書會一起研究 VR, Machine Learning 等最新技術,也籌辦各種 Developer, Designer 聚會(如Android Taipei, Cocoheads, UIUX Taipei...)
- Win as a team! 這裡沒有老菜鳥之分,我們相信所有意見都是讓團隊繼續變強的動力
- Fun & Creative! 定期舉辦內部 Hack Day,激盪各種天馬行空的創意並動手將它付諸實行

- Work smart! 只要能把自己的事做好,讓你彈性選擇在最有生產力的地方與時間工作
- Work hard, play hard! 辦公室裡有吉他、電子琴、木箱鼓,還有...Vive!
- PicCafe給你吃不完的食物飲料
- 擔心不小心吃太多?大家一起到樓上的健身房踩飛輪、打拳擊


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