Video/ Image Processing Software Engineer

PicCollage 拼貼趣是一個創意照片拼貼app,我們正在尋找喜歡新創環境的正職夥伴及實習生!


We are looking for a Video/Image Processing Software Engineer to join our team to work on products that are used by millions of people around the world. You will explore new ideas, implement new technologies and build apps that help people share moments through visual creativity.

- Design and build advanced video applications for mobile platforms.
- Apply machine learning and computer vision techniques, such as image segmentation.
- Collaborate with product managers, designers and developers to work on new product features and visual effects.
- Explore and evaluate new technology, and build new and meaningful products or services.


- At least one year of work experience in video/image processing.
- Familiar with image processing and computer vision libraries (e.g., OpenGL, OpenCV, Metal).
- Built some interesting projects of your own.
- Plus: experience with native mobile development.


Invent the future: 一年兩次定期舉辦 Hackday ,翻玩最新技術!
Always be learning: 內部工作坊、每週五固定技術分享、英文課
Fun, creative and International team: 雙語團隊,辦公室就是小矽谷

還有還有 ...

。Awesome Office 舒服的辦公室
。Flexible Work Time 上下班時間自我管理
。Free Lunch and Dinner 團隊午餐晚餐
。PicCafe 零食飲料不怕餓
。Sports Classes in Office 辦公室內建 TRX 教室
。Team Activities and Workshops 各式活動與學習機會


NT$ 900,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)


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