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名稱: PicCollage 拼貼趣

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Do you feel like as a designer, although you do a good job as an individual contributor, your real talent, and passion is in developing people, and designing the conditions for creativity and design to happen? Are you a process geek and love to compare the differences between the traditional design process, the creative process, design thinking, scrum & agile methodologies? and how to help the team become more efficient?

In this role, you will help to cultivate an inspiring software organization that delivers great experiences to its users and fosters a culture of creativity, cross-functional collaboration, and design excellence. As a design manager, you will guide, mentor, and support designers to develop their craft and their careers; create operational efficiencies for fast-paced product execution and effective collaboration; influence product vision and strategy; and participate in guiding the amazing work of the team.

・ Manage, nurture and mentor a group of product designers and creatives to do their best work and grow in their career by conducting 1-1 sessions and giving accurate performance evaluations
・ Help review project processes to assist designers in translating requests into designs. Is able to understand the big picture of the tasks, help to cook the design strategy with clear sight of the user and business goals
・ Work with designers set clear goals, manage and prioritize their projects, and ensure deadlines are met and check for quality and consistency
・ Oversee project timelines and deliverables, allocate project resources, guide production pipeline, and communicate evolving project goals
・ Build relationships with cross-functional team members to stay aligned on objectives and foster effective collaboration
・ Be an inspiring design representative who can actively bring out issues, give good suggestions on how to think about each problem
・ Work with the design group to recruit and onboard exceptional design talent
・ Participate in departmental strategic planning, understand when it is suitable to bring up issues to ensure that the design team is scalable and working efficiently
・ Always communicate efficiently and ensure that there are no surprises or miscommunication on any end


[Qualifications in Experiences]
・ 2+ industry experience in a people management role on a Design team
・ 3+ years of professional design experience
・ Portfolio that demonstrates applied experience as a leader in the creative process and a commitment to a user-centered design approach

[Qualifications in Skills]
・ Fluent in English & Chinese
・ Ability to embrace change and ambiguity in an evolving team
・ Solid organizational and project management skills and the ability to do resource allocation to balance divergent projects and competing deadlines
・ Expert at design process, workshop design, and facilitation
・ Excellent communicator and presenter with the ability to persuade and inspire different audiences at varying levels in the company
・ Conflict management, understanding how to weather through multiple personalities when there is a conflict and communicate efficiently
・ Commitment to learning new concepts in the design & software space
・ Highly collaborative, low-ego approach to design


Invent the future: 一年兩次定期舉辦 Hackday ,翻玩最新技術!
Always be learning: 內部工作坊、每週五固定技術分享、英文課
Fun, creative and International team: 雙語團隊,辦公室就是小矽谷

More benefits:

- PicCafe 給你吃不完的零食飲料
- 吃得好,才有力氣做出好產品! 每日延吉街 team lunch 任你挑
- 辦公室裡有超大韻律室!每週二、五大家一起包班運動好健康
- 舒適寬敞的辦公室就在松菸對面,好天氣的時候一起去散散步吧!
- 休息空間有個放置各種樂器的小舞台,歡迎各路音樂人 open mic :D
- 當你需要獨處或專注的時候,我們有各式主題的溫馨小房讓你有獨處的空間
- 傳聞是真的,我們的辦公室有小黑貓!


NT$ 800,000 - 1,250,000 (年薪)


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