Data Scientist - Analytics (Product) / 資料科學家 - 產品數據分析師

Pinkoi 辦公室


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You will serve as an analytics expert in Product Team to support Buyer side or Seller side on data inquiry. A majority of your time will be spent with Product Managers / Project Owners, helping support both enlightening user needs and business opportunities. This work includes conducting exploratory data analysis (with statistics or modeling knowledge) to understand product opportunities and A/B testing to enhance the quality of feature improvements.

As a data-loving member of the team, you’ll be expected to weave stories with meaningful insight from data and make key recommendations for your partners. You can see different angles of product or business opportunities, and know how to connect the dots and interact with people in various roles and functions. We aim to work to effectively turn business questions into data analysis, user needs understanding, and provide meaningful suggestions on strategy.

You will be based under Product division and will be part of Product Analyst Team as a Data Scientist. This role serves multiple squads or projects, so be ready to co-work with various functions such as Product Managers, UX Researchers, Product Designers, Developers, and Sr. leaders. 


  1. Help Pinkoi Product team to focus on key decisions to improve product features and user experiences.
  2. Design metrics and run A/B tests.
  3. Create visual dashboards for key metrics monitoring.
  4. Deliver effective presentations of findings and strategy suggestions to multiple levels of stakeholders.
  5. Develop and automate reports and iteratively build and prototyping data marts / analytical data pipelines. 




  1. 1~3 years of experience working with statistical packages (R or Python).
  2. Experience articulating product questions, pulling data from datasets through complex SQL and applying statistics or ML model to arrive at an answer.
  3. Be passionate about data and stay curious at user behavior.
  4. Be cautious that data must be reliable and accurate over its entire lifecycle (data integrity).

Highly Desirable

  1. Experience A/B testing to iterate the process of ideation and validation.
  2. Ability to translate analysis results into product improvement plans.
  3. Great analytical skills, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  4. Able to leverage qualitative insights into quantitative analysis.
  5. Great communication and teamwork skills.
  6. Eager to learn and grow with Pinkoi.



Please submit your resume via『 』, resumes submitted via this link will be reviewed primarily.

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NT$ 800,000 - 1,100,000 (年薪)