Social Media Marketing Intern - Video Editor

Pinkoi 辦公室


The mission of Pinkoi Marketing Team is to spread the story behind designers’ products and build brand awareness for Pinkoi. We’re looking for a young talent who is passionate about video production and social media marketing, to help us promotion Pinkoi in English speaking markets.

1. Be available for two full days (16 hrs./week) or three times a week (for approximately 18hrs./week) at our Taipei headquarters, starting from Jan. 2018 to the end of June 2018.
2. Assist in creating social posts and video content for Facebook. Videos ideally could be made for IG as well.



1. Knowledge of SNS (Facebook, IG, Twitter, Pinterest)
2. Loves video content and will put emphasis on video creation
3. Skilled with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier (or other video editing software)
4. Good to great English comprehension/writing skills
5. A creative mind


Please send your resume and also describe why you are the best fit for this position in the email. Please also attach:

1. Why do you want to apply this position (English).
2. Links of your personal pages or social media account(s) with your work.
3. Links to your videos or profilo.
4. Resume (Chinese, or English is a plus.)
5. Please create three posts for Facebook or Instagram with any Pinkoi designs you like. Be as creative as you'd like.

Salary Range: Negotiable
Location: Taipei Headquarters

We will only notify suitable candidates for an interview. Thank you!


★加入 Pinkoi 的福利★

  1. 你會有一台 MacBook 系列電腦,陪你時髦有品味的快樂工作
  2. 漂亮的工作環境和開心的工作氣氛
  3. 有瑞士全自動咖啡機,可享受優質的咖啡時光
  4. 我們每個星期一早上有免費外送咖啡,幫你補充滿滿一星期的能量
  5. 加入第一天即享有年假
  6. 每年績效獎金視公司成長提撥預算
  7. 在 Pinkoi 我們不加班就能完成負責的工作甚至更多
  8. 我們隨時都會有好玩的事情和活動
  9. Pinkoi 在做的是國際化的產品、我們也在快速的成長,加入 Pinkoi 你會有最好的成長環境和舞台
  10. 你會跟非常優秀的團隊成員一起共事,Pinkoi 每個人都很棒
  11. 辦公室地點在台北市,靠近捷運圓山站、花博公園、爭豔館,更多你來面試的時候我們再聊


沒關係,歡迎來信,附上履歷,同時分享你覺得很複雜、很有挑戰性,普遍一般人不懂,但是你有深刻專業認識的一件事情,而這件事情可以讓 Pinkoi 更好,讓我們可以更認識你。有合適者,我們會主動通知。