HR Specialist


Pinkoi 是亞洲領先的設計商品購物網站,擁有眾多海內外優質設計師群,堅持用好品味、客製化的獨特設計,實現每個人的美感生活,也讓每個送禮時刻更加獨一無二。

名稱: Pinkoi


地址: 台灣台北市中正區襄陽路一號



1. HR Operations: Provide comprehensive HR services to business partners.
• Plan and execute activities to increase group cohesion such as company anniversary celebration, team building activities, service award event and spring party.
• Reach out to potential talent through appropriate channels
• Organize training and development programs

2. Office Management: Work towards continuous improvement - identifying, developing and implementing practices to optimize performance across all administrative areas including but not limited to:
• Business trip arrangement
• Inventory analysis and office supplies arrangement
• Ad-hoc query support


1. Able to work from an analytical and problem solving perspective
2. Strong time management and prioritization skills
3. Great business acumen and data-driven (highly valued)
4. Good team player with approachable personality
5. Strong communication and coordination skills
6. Enthusiasm for challenges and the start-up field
7. Able to provide creative solutions for people operations

Highly desirable
1. Minimum 2 years of HR administration or office coordination experience
2. Major in HRM, business / administration management is preferable
3. Fluency in English (written and verbal) to deal with multinational scenarios

Please attach your resume and share with us what part of your previous job was the most challenging for you and why you are the best fit for this position.

We will only notify suitable candidates for an interview. Thank you!


★加入 Pinkoi 的福利★

*你會有一台 MacBook Air,陪你時髦有品味的快樂工作
*在 Pinkoi 我們不加班就能完成負責的工作甚至更多
*Pinkoi 在做的是國際化的產品、我們也在快速的成長,加入 Pinkoi 你會有最好的成長環境和舞台
*你會跟非常優秀的團隊成員一起共事,Pinkoi 每個人都很棒


沒關係,歡迎來信,附上履歷,同時分享你覺得很複雜、很有挑戰性,普遍一般人不懂,但是你有深刻專業認識的一件事情,而這件事情可以讓 Pinkoi 更好,讓我們可以更認識你。有合適者,我們會主動通知。


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