Business Development Specialist - Japan


Design the way you are.

名稱: Pinkoi

地區:臺灣 台北




Pinkoi is Asia’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling original design. We are committed to selling products that reflect good taste. Pinkoi is more than an e-commerce platform: it is a community for talented homegrown and international designers. Our mission is to empower designers, champion great designs, and enrich people's lives. We want to bring Asia's best designs to the world!

To develop our presence in Japan market, we have a mission to expand Asian good design to Japanese market. To achieve the mission, we’re aggressively promoting collaboration project with Japanese department stores, specialty shops or select shops. We need an experienced Business Development Specialist who can build a good relationship with these external partners. You will work closely with, and report to, Japan Regional Leader and Global Business Development Leader . This is a full-time job, based in our Tokyo office.

We're looking for someone talented who is passionate about building a strong business relationship with external and internal partners to increase brand awareness and revenue. You'll help us formulate collaboration plans, propose to partners, and supervise/execute the plans. Your performance and learning will be measured by measurable metrics. (e.g.: Revenue or The number of new users from collaboration projects.)The measurements and KPI will be fixed based on your planning and discussion with leaders.


Support Asian design brands for Japanese operations
Wholesale trade with Japanese department stores, specialty shops, select shops etc.
Produce and execute collaboration plans (e.g. Pop up shops) with external partners.
Develop long term impacts and try new business collaborations/models/income streams.
Cooperate with multifunctional global team to get intracompany resources.

【Ideal candidate】

Business acumen
Be able to identify opportunities, regardless external or internal, that driving growth in bigger impact and/or longer term, and perform general business hypothesis.
Good listener and presenter.
Be able to spot out the thread connects Pinkoi and potential partners for purposes of closing strategic/commercial deals and/or building potential partnership networks for Pinkoi.
Strong problem-solving, interpersonal, communication, negotiation and project management skills for resolving business and key operational issues in solutions-oriented approach.
Self-initiative, energetic and well-organized. From planning, execution to evaluation.



Passion for design and e-commerce.
Able to engage with partners to increase Pinkoi’s brand awareness and revenue.
At least 1-year experience of buyer or project planning/development in retail industry
Native level in Japanese, proficiency in English is essential. (e.g.: TOEIC score over 800)
Familiar with working at startups. Excited to take up new challenges.

【Highly desirable】

International experience and/or external local partnerships networks
Experience at logistics industry

In your resume, please share what kind of collaboration projects you’d like to execute to expand Asian design brands in Japan if you’re a Business Development Specialist in Pinkoi. Also write down goal, budget, schedule of the project. We will only notify those invited for an interview. Thank you for your interest.

You can apply in Japanese or English. ご応募は日本語・英語、どちらでも構いません。


★加入 Pinkoi 的福利★

*你會有一台 MacBook Air,陪你時髦有品味的快樂工作
*在 Pinkoi 我們不加班就能完成負責的工作甚至更多
*Pinkoi 在做的是國際化的產品、我們也在快速的成長,加入 Pinkoi 你會有最好的成長環境和舞台
*你會跟非常優秀的團隊成員一起共事,Pinkoi 每個人都很棒


沒關係,歡迎來信,附上履歷,同時分享你覺得很複雜、很有挑戰性,普遍一般人不懂,但是你有深刻專業認識的一件事情,而這件事情可以讓 Pinkoi 更好,讓我們可以更認識你。有合適者,我們會主動通知。




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