Product Manager



名稱: Snapask


地址: 台北市松山區敦化南路一段 21 號...




As a Product Manager for Snapask, you will be responsible for tailoring our product for each new market/region we enter. You will be driving to expand to a huge amount of markets therefore you should be very result-oriented and be able to deliver result at a minimal cost & time.

You will partner with a high-performing cross-functional team as well as counterparts from outside of the company to meet shared objectives and key results.

Your day-to-day work involves heavily with iOS/Android/Backend/Web developers and Designers.

Fluency in English is a MUST!!!


#English speaking is a MUST!
#Familiar with SCRUM, App/Web development process.
#Passionate in delivering products to people all over the world by tailoring to their needs.
#Strong product management skills.
#Be able to work independently and manage your time efficiently
#Good track record of interfacing between external and internal stakeholders (with developers mostly, but also with localization experts, and UX designers).
#Be a good communicator who can talk through challenges to find the best (less cost & effort) solution in an efficient manner.
#3+ years proven experience and passion for building great products with a consumer internet/app company
#PLUS: Past working experiences in startups.
#PLUS: Good with data analysis to uncover areas of improvements


★ 制度類:半年核薪制度、每月兩日遠端工作、彈性上下班時間
★ 健康保險:勞保、健保、勞工退休金6%提撥
★ 請/休假:週休二日、到職即享一年十日優於勞基法之特休,勞基法所規定的我們都不會少
★ 工作空間:全新裝潢辦公室-認真工作區、吵鬧工作區(自由選位)、休閒娛樂區
★ 娛樂福利:員工聚餐、Xmas Party、零食咖啡區、會議飲品、員工國內外旅遊
★ 獎金禮品:開工紅包、尾牙抽獎人人有獎
★ 在職進修補助:每月3000元員工進修補助金
★ 設備補助:正職員工可申請個人電腦購買補助,最高補助 30,000 元


NT$ 55,000 - 70,000 (月薪)


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# 我們的工作方式 目前的團隊架構是學習 Spotify Engineering Culture 。以功能為分...