Swingvy is a rapidly growing HR SaaS startup targeting mid to small size enterprises, with a disruptive all-in-one offering that automates HR, claims, payroll and benefits. We are backed by Samsung Ventures and have over 9,000 customers across the region.

公司成員 ( 1 / 2 )

Jin Choeh

Dalton Hsu

Jin Choeh Founder|CEO

Serial entrepreneur; Ex-sniper of Korean Special; Forces Certified singer; Marathon runner and iron man; Dream is to go to Mars

Dalton Hsu General Manager|Taiwan

Finance veteran turned semi-entrepreneur; Co-Founder, BD, HR, CS @ FunNow; Aspiring screenplay writer; Very funny; Dream is to own a basketball team


People matter.


Swingvy is the modern HR platform for small and mid-sized businesses. By seamlessly connecting all HR information, Swingvy automates every administrative work without hassle. Swingvy aims to replace paperwork or spreadsheets and help customers to manage all their HR in one place.


  • 彈性上下班時間,在這裡你會學到怎麼提升效率 Flexible work hours
  • 14 天年假,其他福利都優於勞基法,做人資的,不會少給 14 days of paid time off
  • 不扣薪生理假 + 情緒假 + 病假 Paid sick leave, mentrual leave and mood swing leave
  • 專業相關進修預算,你長的知識、你學的技能,你帶走 Training budget for you learners
  • 提供 Mac 筆電與螢幕(我覺得用 Mac 超潮,你也應該試試) Macbook provided
  • 上班可以喝酒、聽歌。只喝好酒、只聽好歌 Booze and songs at work
  • 可能是亞洲最好相處、泛人資界最有趣的同事們 Voted "Best Coworkers" and "Funnest in HR Business" by an anonymous source
  • 不定期舉辦聽前奏猜歌大賽與這個人演過什麼電影大賽 This one is difficult to translate
  • 一起打拚的無價收穫 Guaranteed EXTREMELY rewarding 0 to 1 experience

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You will be working with an extremely talented RD team based i...
正職NT$ 800,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)
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