Sr. Key Account Executive - US (國外業務)


1. Account Management:
- Maintain relationship with clients through regular communication.
- Meet with clients to discuss sales performance and promotion strategy.
- Collaborate with e-com buyers on promotional activities to drive sales and negotiate favorable terms of cooperation.
- Trade marketing tasks: product listing optimization, obtain favorable placements in search results, ensure brands are displayed in prominent locations on sales channels, etc.
- Propose and execute promotional offers according to sales performance analysis.
- Resolve issues related to sales, product delivery, customer satisfaction, vendor enquiries, etc.
- In charge of daily sales operations to ensure timely delivery and invoicing.

2. Sales Analysis and Report:
- Provide regular reports on sales performance and analyze trends.
- Make periodical sales forecast to help optimize supply chain process and improve sales.
- Anticipate and prepare for regular promotions and execute.

3. Cross-department Collaboration:
- Give feedback to the Design and Production Team on market trends and consumer preferences in order to improve product line.
- Communicate regularly with the Brand Management Department for promotional events.
- Communicate with Marketing team to improve brand awareness and engage more targeted audience.
- Assist in all sales related efforts.


Mature personality, able to take ownership of his/her work.
● Excellent communication skills and good negotiating ability.
● Proficiency in English is a must.
● Independent problem solver.
● Good team player, collaborative and helpful to others.
● Driven, with good organizational skills.
● Microsoft system competent.
● Experience in E-commerce is a plus.


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