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We create videos that are watched by millions. Our videos tell stories that entertain, inspire, and educate. In its first year, updoot grew from 0 to 2.500 published videos, 600.000 youtube subscribers, and 250 million video views. We publish our videos on YouTube and Facebook, in both English and Spanish languages. Updoot develops its own software to optimize production processes and produce high-quality video content. All this is made possible by a small but dedicated team of content researchers, content creators, and developers.

It is our goal to diversify Updoot's offering into multiple new niches of video content to reach new audiences and expand viewership. We do this by continuously testing new content and channel ideas. You can find our current channel list on www.updoot.tech.




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Malte Founder

Join us to make videos & tell stories that entertain, inspire, and educate!

Rachel Recruiter



At the heart of our company culture stands the concept that Updoot can only thrive if every team member shares ideas and gives feedback directly, frequently, and regardless of hierarchy. We believe in a work environment that allows everyone to test new ideas and prove themselves while giving them the support and mentorship needed for personal and professional growth.



Updoot was founded in Germany in 2019 and relocated to Taiwan in the same year. Currently, team members are distributed worldwide, working from North America, Europe, and Asia. Updoot's Taipei headquater is opening in 2020 summer. 



  • A dynamic work environment with a flat team structure and steep learning curve

  • Ability to drive product direction

  • Flexible work time

  • 1 day per week as WFH

  • Annual performance bonus

  • Weekly company meals (Food delivery budget while working from home)

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Updoot is a fast-growing video production company. We’re ex...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 45,000 (月薪)
Updoot publishes videos on YouTube and Facebook, in both Engli...
實習NT$ 170 - (時薪)
Updoot publishes videos on YouTube and Facebook, in both E...
正職NT$ 45,000 - (月薪)