Manta Sleep Is Looking for an Experienced and Organized Senior Industrial / Soft Goods Designer, with a Proven Track Record of Turning Ideas into Products via Manufacturing in China.

We need someone who:

✓ Is an industrial / soft goods designer with excellent aesthetics and a proven track record of turning ideas into shippable products.
✓ Has years of experience working with Chinese manufacturers and navigating complex relationships in order to deliver products on time and on budget.
✓ Is a self-starter who, when given resources & training, can get things done without hand-holding.



Be a team leader
You have a leading role in the design team in order to grow the product portfolio for Manta Sleep:
You work closely with the Design Director and report progress to him and the CEO.

You also help to expand the team locally in Taipei, as needed.

One of the greatest challenges in turning designs into shippable products is working with our Chinese manufacturers & suppliers.

You will need to:
- Manage the delicate and complex relationships with our manufacturers
- Visit factories when needed
- Communicate product requirements and specifications
- Negotiate product features and pricing
- Ensure our manufacturing partners deliver on time

Develop new products
You will be involved in the entire product development process:
- Design research
- Product ideation
- Team feedback
- Feature development
- User testing
- CMF / 3D / 2D
- Model & sample building
- Production documentation
- Mass production
- Quality control
- Quality improvements

Improve existing products
You will also be refining and improving our existing products.

Project management
The product design process involves communication with various parties, including marketing, customer service, operations, visual design, product design, manufacturers, etc.

You will need to bring everyone together in order to get the project done on time and on budget.

In summary, you will design products, get products manufactured in China, manage projects, and report progress to the Design Director and the CEO.



✓ Someone with strong written & spoken English
- Your English must be at a business level.
- In the office, we speak English.
- All communications with our executives and team will be in English.

✓ Someone with superb attention to details
- You are someone who pays attention to every little detail – not only in your work but in everything you do. 
- This is a must-have for this position, and a fundamental core value at Vansburg.

✓ Someone with a superb aesthetic sense
- You are passionate about design and have a strong grasp of current visual trends. 
- You are highly creative and practical. Your designs are both beautiful and functional.

✓ Someone with significant experience working with Chinese manufacturers
- You have years of experience working directly with Chinese manufacturers.
- You have a keen understanding of Chinese culture and how factories operate.
- You are great at managing relationships and getting things done.

✓ Someone with industrial / product design experience
- You have a deep understanding of the principles, tools, and processes for industrial design.
- Your educational background is in industrial, product design or a related field.
- You have at least 8 years of relevant experience, and at least 2 years of leading projects. 
- You have a profound understanding of how things are manufactured.
- Ideally, you have mass production experience with soft goods.

✓ Someone with leadership experience
- You will be put in charge of our design team and will be responsible for leading, motivating, and inspiring the team.
- You will be reporting directly to the CEO on progress.

✓ Someone with project management experience
- You can set objectives and get things done on time and on budget.
- You can communicate with multiple people, teams, vendors and bring everyone together.

✓ Someone who is proactive and eager to take on responsibility
- In a small business environment, things come up, and problems need to be solved.
- If you are the kind of person who sits back and thinks “that’s not my responsibility,” then please don’t apply.

✓ Someone who genuinely cares about others
- If you are the kind of person that genuinely cares about others, and gives generously of your time and energy in helping others, then we want you on our team.


✓ 全公司獎金分紅制度

✓ 年假每年14天起

✓ 開放與透明的工作模式與公司文化

✓ 自由地安排自己的工作時間和進度

✓ 得以發揮個人創意與想法

✓ 沒有官僚文化,每一位夥伴的聲音都一樣重要

✓ 提供訓練資源,支持持續發展

✓ 我們熱愛午睡,認真躺平睡!


➤ 職涯發展


1. 自主權 - 你的主管會決定你需要達成的目標,但由你決定和安排該如何達成。

2. 學習 - 公司提供固定的訓練,也會針對你想學習的內容提供資源。

3. 優勢 - 我們相信強化優勢的效果勝於改善弱點,為了讓你的天賦得以發揮,我們會因而調整你的角色。




✓ Company-wide bonus program.

✓ Starting Vacation Days: 14 days per year.

✓ Open & Transparent Workplace.

✓ Freedom & Control over Your Schedule.

✓ Ownership of Your Work & Creativity.

✓ No Bureaucracy.

✓ Training Resources & Continual Development.

✓ We Love Naps!



Your career development will be supported in 3 primary ways at Vansburg:


1. Autonomy - your team leader defines the goal, you decide how to get there.

2. Learning - you will be given regular training and support for whatever else you want to learn.

3. Strength - we believe in maximizing your strengths rather than improving your weaknesses, so your role can be adjusted to leverage what you’re naturally good at.


NT$ 60,000 - 120,000 (月薪)