We are looking for experienced member to join the tech team to lead the operation of our Ad platform.
Your team will be entrusted to maintain and operate a system that spans over multiple geolocation with hundreds of instances; And you will have first hand experience operating a large system where handling billions of traffic data is a daily norm.

[About Job]
- Lead members of the OPS team to achieve system SLA.
- Interface with developers and product managers to understand operation needs.
- Understand technical architecture, capacity planning, tooling needs, automatio, product launch and other issues
and create plans for proritizing technical and resource challenges.
- Advise and participate the design and development of evolving services, architecture, and performance standards.
- Manage service availability and scalability through better monitoring, processes, and infrastructure.
- Build & operation container based platform with Nomad / Consul / Docker.
- Support existing CI/CD flow & functions and optimize it.
- To design, implement, and operate the backend infrastructure and in-the-cloud service that is robust, fast and large


[About You]
- 5+ years relevant experience.
- Expertise in UNIX/Linux and networking.
- Ability to code in at least two languages (Shell, Python, Go, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript etc)
- Experience in administration and operation of public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, 阿里雲, IBM Cloud)
- Experience in container operation such as Docker.
- Experience with CI/CD & Automation systems (eg Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Chef, Jenkins) .
- Experience with monitoring, alerting, and log pipeline analysis tools (Nagios, Graylog2, Prometheus, etc.)
- Good knowledge of large scale internet service architecture
- Ability to work independedtly and also as part of a team
- Proactive and self motivated
- Sharp and tenacious troubleshooting skills: you can fix anything
- Detail oriented and careful


● 超強的夥伴!你沒看錯!我們負責找到優秀的人才跟你一起組隊,一起拓荒,不輕易滅團。
● 超方便交通,捷運中山國中站正對面,跑步騎車上班也很方便!
● 到職首年即享有16天特假,入職後第四年起20天特休。我們重視家庭與生活,請多陪陪家人,假期多,請安排好代理人。
● 彈性上下班制度,用餐時間不限,每日做好做滿8小時
● 週休二日、5天全薪病假,給假歸給假,身體是自己的,要好好照顧!
● 不定期提供Free啤酒!新鮮水果!啤酒肚不在保固範圍。
● 桌遊隨意玩,咖啡隨意喝!好康的軟性飲料與零食! 三不五時還有外部廠商的美味試吃活動喔!
● 瑜珈球、健身器材!是的,身為小清新的工作職人,請保持健美的身材。
● 安靜舒適的媽咪專屬哺乳室,有專用冰箱。
● 工業風格的辦公環境與員工休息區。坐在窗邊裝裝文青。
● 愛心視障按摩服務,每次30元愛心捐款,小小的愛心集氣成大大的力量,每年捐贈給特定慈善機構。
● 定期舉辦慈善二手義賣活動,珍惜好物彼此交流,還能自訂捐款金額,一起做好事!
● 為愛朗讀,每年揪團擔任育幼院慈善志工,為孩子們說故事,帶活動,把歡樂帶給大家。

● 尾牙聚餐及抽獎(想辦法拱創辦人們加碼是員工應盡的義務)
● 職人講堂活動,與各產業神人交流互動好機會
● 每季員工活動(野餐日、漆彈日等)
● 年度健康檢查
● 中秋端午節禮金
● 生日電影票兩張


NT$ 1,500,000 - 1,800,000 (年薪)


[Description] We are looking for a talent to join the tech te...
正職NT$ 900,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 700,000 - 900,000 (年薪)
關於這份職務: 身為數位廣告媒體產業的業務職人,經常能接觸最新的商務趨勢。面對高速變化與激烈競爭的市場,一位頂尖的業務職人...
正職NT$ 700,000 - 2,000,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 900,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)
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正職NT$ 45,000 - 65,000 (月薪)
[About this job] 1. Develop, operate, and monitor ETL for dat...
正職NT$ 840,000 - (年薪)
1.制定廣告策略,達成客戶的目標 2.操作廣告平台,包括市場調研,調整預算和產出報表 3.建立和管理活動的活動素材 4...
【About Job】 1. Serve clients as the first contact point, meet...
[About Our RD Group] We like to discuss all kinds of developme...
職位內容 Vpon 的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。 SRE 團隊負...
正職NT$ 90,000 - 120,000 (月薪)
職位內容 Vpon 的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。SRE 團隊負...
正職NT$ 900,000 - 1,200,000 (年薪)
職位內容 Vpon 下一代的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。後端工程團...
正職NT$ 1,170,000 - 1,650,000 (年薪)
職位內容 Vpon 的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。後端工程團隊負責...
正職NT$ 1,400,000 - (年薪)
職位內容 Vpon 的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。後端工程團隊負責...
正職NT$ 1,400,000 - (年薪)
關於這份職務: 我們正在找一位想法靈活、熟悉數位媒體更尤其是Power Point高手的夥伴,協助業務團隊將Vpon的產品方...
正職NT$ 420,000 - 660,000 (年薪)
[About this job] 1. In charge of architecture design and data...
正職NT$ 900,000 - 1,350,000 (年薪)
1. 服務媒體夥伴平台串接 2. 媒體版位優化建議 3. 夥伴策略執行 4. 有媒體或聯播網、媒體代理商經驗猶佳 5. 有D...
正職NT$ 780,000 - 910,000 (年薪)
1. Determines cost of operations by establishing standard cost...
正職NT$ 520,000 - 650,000 (年薪)
職位內容 Vpon 下一代的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。後端工程團...
正職NT$ 900,000 - 1,125,000 (年薪)
[About Job] Reporting to the General Manager, you will play a...
[About Job] Reporting to the General Manager, you will play a...
[About Job] Reporting to the General Manager, you will play a...
職位內容 Vpon 下一代的廣告系統由數十個分佈在不同區域的分散式子系統組成,每天系統需要處理上億筆的流量數據。全端工程師...
正職NT$ 975,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)
Who you will work with You will be based in To...
正職NT$ 830,000 - 1,600,000 (年薪)
Who you will work with You will be based ...
正職NT$ 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 (年薪)
[About Job] • Communicate with business/engineering teams or ...
正職NT$ 1,200,000 - 2,000,000 (年薪)
• Overall responsibility for all local branding, m...
正職NT$ 540,000 - 660,000 (年薪)
1. 依照客戶需求,製作活動網頁與展示廣告。 2. 需具美感並有 HTML / HTML5 ...
正職NT$ 550,000 - 660,000 (年薪)