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Wearisma 為客戶將繁瑣的行銷工作化繁為簡;Wearisma與眾多全球知名品牌合作,以精準有效率的雲端技術,提供客戶最適切需求之網紅,透過透明化的管理與監測,將品牌與產品影響力極大化。


Wearisma partners with global premium and luxury brands and agencies to create meaningful and lasting connections. Founded by industry experts who specialise in growing global audiences, we built our products with insight into the way brands succeed. That’s why our Influencer discovery and management software is designed to help brands identify and build lasting relationships with influencers with the help of powerful analytics.

Wearisma is dissecting the world of social media and influencer marketing one platform at a time, supporting an illustrious roster of world-class clients who are market leaders in their respective fields from lifestyle, technology, beauty, fashion, automotive to art to be the innovators in influencer marketing.

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Vicky Influencers Marketing Expert

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Our mission is to build a machine to do your heavy lifting on repetitive tasks, build intelligent technology that works in the background so you hardly notice and let you, the strategic and creative communications and marketing professionals to design the best influencer and content strategies to delight, together, the audience.


Jenny Tsai, the founder and CEO of Wearisma, leads digital marketing by connecting influencers and brands through social media and insights.

Before founding Wearisma, Jenny’s role at magazine publisher Hearst saw her lead international digital strategy working with diverse sets of teams and partners from the UK, Germany, China to
Brazil.. As the company’s then youngest Digital Media Director, she grew and monetised audiences for publications such as ELLE and Cosmopolitan in over 50 countries outside of the US.

Jenny’s vision is to create intuitive technology for users – to let technology works for you, not the other way around. Jenny brings a unique skill set at the intersection of tech, data and creativity to Wearisma, as a financial engineer by training with a media career spanning from TV to print to digital media. Jenny has an engineering degree from Princeton University and a development policy master’s degree from Cambridge. She speaks six languages and always ready to learn a few more. She is passionate about using them to truly appreciate our commonalities and differences in thoughts, ideas, humours, motivation, cultures and source of influence from different parts of the world.





- 15 annual holidays
- 1-3 months annual bonus
- all hands meeting once a year