Lead Consultant / Senior Recruitment Consultant

Yourator 新創與數位人才媒合平台


JobMenta by Yourator is a Recruitment Service Brand launched by Yourator in 2021.

We are hiring for the Lead Consultant position. The R&R for this position is described as follows:

(1) Lead JobMenta's headhunting team to drive client acquistion and revenue. ---most our clients are fast growing companies in the realm of internet and software, but candidates who have served other vertical are also welcome.

(2) Talent Development --- Responsible for team recruitment and empowerment, we expect you to have passion for nurturing and engaging team members to foster communication and build team culture. 

(3) Design sales schemes and motivate team members to achieve both individual and personal goal.


  • Minimum 3 years experience in headhunting/ recruitment service or RPO.
  • Sales driven, data-driven and people oriented mindset. 
  • Good English or Japanese Communication skills.
  • Capable to outreach potential clients in various industries. 
  • Strong logical thinking, communication, and organization skills to coordinate with both external and internal teams.





【彈性來辦公】公司提供調節性的 Remote 申請額度;因應疫情狀況推進 Work From Home。
【成長更加速】提供各樣線上線下的學習資源,免費參加 Yourator 舉辦的社群活動和課程。
【活動都有你】忽隱忽現的冥想社或籃球社與 Teambuliding 活動,春酒感謝每一位 Y 社夥伴。
【創業經驗談】要快速害慘一個人可以叫他去創業,但如果你想變慘,CEO 可以跟你分享經驗。