Lead Consultant / Senior Recruitment Consultant

Yourator 新創與數位人才媒合平台


JobMenta by Yourator is a Recruitment Service Brand launched by Yourator in 2021.

We are hiring for the Lead Consultant position. The R&R for this position is described as follows:

(1) Lead JobMenta's headhunting team to drive client acquistion and revenue. ---most our clients are fast growing companies in the realm of internet and software, but candidates who have served other vertical are also welcome.

(2) Talent Development --- Responsible for team recruitment and empowerment, we expect you to have passion for nurturing and engaging team members to foster communication and build team culture. 

(3) Design sales schemes and motivate team members to achieve both individual and personal goal.


  • Minimum 3 years experience in headhunting/ recruitment service or RPO.
  • Sales driven, data-driven and people oriented mindset. 
  • Good English or Japanese Communication skills.
  • Capable to outreach potential clients in various industries. 
  • Strong logical thinking, communication, and organization skills to coordinate with both external and internal teams.


| 彈性工時 | 彈性八小時的上下班時間與午休時段,給夥伴多一些方便
| 遠端申請 | 提供調節性的 Remote 申請額度;因應疫情狀況推進WFH
| 設備提供 | 配發筆記型電腦 或 設備補助
| 零食飲料 | 上班時間會不時冒出大量零食跟飲料,給你提神補體力
| 交通便利 | 南京復興站 8 號出口,步行約 5 分鐘即可抵達公司
| 社群參與 | Yourator 舉辦很多的社群活動/課程,也提供團隊成員免費參與
| 多元扁平 | 團隊致力於打造多元開放的工作氛圍,鼓勵正向開放的溝通協作
| 培育訓練 | 不定期教育訓練,公司帶你一起成長
| 員工活動 | 舉辦尾牙或春酒,感謝每一位 Y 社小夥伴;不定期的 Teambuilding 與忽隱忽現的冥想社或籃球社