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As industry veterans, we understand that it takes a strong ecosystem to connect shippers with carriers. We recognize the need for efficiency, accountability, flexibility, and control in the shipping industry. We also know that technology is the glue that will bring all of these needs together. But, it is not just about technology. As a key partner in the shipping ecosystem, we are bringing innovative solutions together to enable our customers to be able to compete in this new era of the shipping industry.

公司成員 ( 1 / 6 )

Sean O'Malley

Lance Lin

Vivian Chiang

Vanessa Tapia Hartigan

Johnson Chang

Kevin Chung

Sean O'Malley CEO

I am passionate about building global teams & products into category leaders.

Lance Lin Co-Founder & Head of BD/Sales

Harvard Business School

Vivian Chiang COO

Proven entrepreneur, brand-builder and consumer marketer with unique product and engineering background. Hands-on experience in building a company and premium brand from the ground up.

Vanessa Tapia Hartigan CFO

My focus is on digital transformation in global economies.

Johnson Chang Co-Founder & Head of BD/Sales, Asia

NTOU National Taiwan Ocean University

Kevin Chung Head of Engineering

Cross-regional development and research team management expertise. 25+ years software development and 18 years technical management experience. Excellent in large-scale data-intensive system, distributed database, and data processing architecture.


Our Vision

TECHNOLOGY:  Making online freight bookings easier on our digital space

LEADERSHIP:  Leading the freight industry in disruptive innovation

PARTNERSHIP: Creating a marketplace and network of buyers and sellers





We are entrepreneurs from the shipping industry and from the Silicon Valley tech industry. When we first looked at the freight industry together, we saw that the small and medium-sized shippers were being underserved.

So, we started BlueX with the vision of building an open platform to empower shippers of all sizes to be competitive. With our open freight marketplace, shippers gain access to a cutting edge platform that gives them the same experience and prices as the largest shippers in the world.



The shipping industry has yet to digitize fully, which is causing enormous inefficiencies. Much of the industry is characterized by a lack of transparency and visibility, making it difficult to compete. To solve this problem, we set about transforming the experience from the ground up.

How? Well, we digitally integrated our solution with carriers to streamline the online booking experience. Check out our CarrierX initiative to learn more.


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