【熱門職缺】營運部門:財會專員 Finance/Accounting Specialist、行政營運專員 (Junior) Operations Manager

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*** 歡迎財務管理/商管/金融會計/文學院系所應屆畢業生!需求不只一位!***



Ready for your next career move in Marketing Technology? Believe in working smart, and want to have fun doing it? Ematic Solutions might just be the place for you!

Established in 2013, we started as an email marketing optimization provider, and today, we have expanded our business to a larger scale in the Digital Marketing landscape. With our headquarters located in Singapore for Ematic Solution, our rapid expansion network has spread across SEA countries and is continually growing. Today, with our global resources, local insights & technology infrastructures, led us to operate over in 9 countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Bosnia.

We’re a global team of 160+ Martech experts and we specialize in various Messaging, Attribution, CDP and Analytics platforms. Our goal is to make every marketer’s platform buying journey easier via a systematic approach: from identifying the requirement, reviewing the current marketing stack, to shortlist/negotiate different technology platforms and of course, onboarding, continuous training and ongoing cost optimization.



● AR Collection
○ Liaising with customers (current and churned but still owing) on outstanding
invoices to ensure that we are able to collect all amounts owing to us.
○ Coordinate with customers on payment processes
● Invoicing
○ Coordinate with Customer Success team + Accounting firm and ensure accuracy
and delivered/completed on time on a monthly basis
○ Maintenance of all records of customer invoices and any other related
● Vendor Management
○ Communicate and coordinate with 3rd party vendors to ensure that all necessary
needs + requirements are met according that is aligned to business needs.
○ Ensuring that the vendor management processes are adhered
○ Ensuring that all invoices are paid on time.
○ Upkeeping/updating all validity and scope of contracts with the vendor
○ Continuous research on vendors and comparison of prices
● Country Admin
○ Meeting room reservations
○ Organizing Team Building activities: outing, team lunch/dinner, karaoke night,
bowling night, movie night, etc.
○ Coordination and planning of company events (like MailChimp Clinic, Ematic
Happy Hour planning)
○ Maintain local office travel calendar and local coordination for all guest /
travellers from other operating countries
○ Maintaining National Holidays calendar
○ Work cross-functionally with different teams within the company to ensure
processes are developed and executed smooth
○ Optimise internal structures and processes to ensure country office operations run
at maximum efficiency
● Legal Administration & Coordination
○ Ensuring the country office complies with all local rules and regulations
○ Communicating with local institutions such as banks and government offices
○ Maintaining repository of all legal documents from vendors, accounting firms,
sales contracts, bank contracts etc.
○ Maintaining list of POCs for each vendor and government institutions
○ Notarization of documents when needed

● 每月客戶發票及繳款狀態更新
● 維護公司現有合作第三方廠商與公司內部SOP以及Side projects 統籌規劃
● 跨部門跨國家團隊合作及每週營運會議討論
● 協助團隊報價單及合約製作




● Have 0-2 years of working experience in business operations. Fresh graduates in Business (MBA is a plus) are also welcome to apply.

● Tech savvy and willingness to learn new skills

● Have written and verbal communication skills in Taiwanese/Mandarin and English

● Excellent interpersonal skills

● Ability to handle confidential and sensitive matters with discretion, responsibly

● Willingness to learn new skills with a ‘Can Do’ positive attitude

● Thrive in a multi-tasking environment, organized, and adjust priorities on the fly

● Experience in basic areas of Accounting such as AR (Account Receivables) is a plus

● Prior involvement in Project Management work is an added advantage

● Experience with working VISA or foreign/local labor requirement is an added plus

● Experience in Invoicing consolidation and Vendor Management

● 應屆畢業生或工作經驗2年內

● 喜愛學習新資訊及新知識,樂觀進取並喜歡與團隊合作

● 基礎英文聽說讀寫能力,需要英文簡單書信溝通以及對話能力

● 有能力處裡團隊提出的文書或行政作業,並與國外同事定期討論回報能一起優化SOP

● 有提案能力並統整團隊需求達成行政專案目標

● 能理解並針對營運模式提出評估並回應與控制風險並優化





一次與二次面試可以遠端進行、只有最後一關需要 Onsite





✨新創團隊的環境:帶你認識新創世界的夥伴們,拓展人脈、並成為新創界的一份子。不定期的團隊Game Night,一起打電動、密室逃脫、雷射槍戰舒壓!
✨喝酒喝不停:公司內定期舉行Happy Hour,讓你喝啤酒喝到飽,和整個電子商務產業的同行交朋友!
All the perks that come along with working in a startup; we pay competitively and we help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.
Be part of a fast growing company that nurtures entrepreneurial nature, startup culture and wants to unlock the best version of you.
Work with a diverse team of smart people who are also fun after work.
Opportunities to learn directly from our excellent leadership team.
Collaborate with a multi-national team across APAC.
Opportunity to travel for better exposure across our operating markets.


NT$ 330,000 - 600,000 (年薪)