【TENG1402】Data Engineer



At SHOPLINE we are working on very interesting initiatives that would involve using data-mining and machine learning with the vast amount of data that we currently have and growing exponentially. We will share details during the interview.


【What you'll be doing 】

- Develop, operate, and monitor ETL for data collection, cleansing, processing, storage, and analytics

- Responsible for data schema management and db performance tuning

- Develop backend APIs and maintain data visualization platform for SHOPLINE merchants



【Who we are looking for】

- Fluent in Python and SQL, experience in api framework (Flask, FastAPI, Django) is a plus

- Expertise in hands-on ETL job design and development (Apache Airflow preferred)

- Proficient in SQL and NoSQL databases, experience in PostgreSQL / BigQuery / MongoDB is a plus

- Experience in working with cloud services such as AWS / GCP, data related services preferred

- Knowing how to work with big data tools or stream-processing system, such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Debezium, and etc

- Familiar with Linux/Unix environments, developed with Docker / Kubernetes

- It’d be a plus if you’re familiar with the e-commerce industry and rich experience in data analysis







1. 彈性的工時安排 / Flexible working hour

2. 彈性工作地點 / Flexible working location

3. 第一年即享有 15 天年假 / First year 15 days of annual leave

4. 生日假 1 天,生日當月任選一天使用 / Birthday leave

5. 給全薪病假 12 天 / Full pay sick leave

6. 給全薪家庭照顧假 7 天 / Paid family care leave

7. 全薪產假 90 天 / Maternity leave 90 days

8. 陪產假 10 天 / Paternity leave 10 days

9. 公司彈性福利補助每年新台幣 2 萬元(旅遊, 家庭照顧, 運動, 按摩等等) / Company sponsored SHOPLINEFlex

10. 每季部門聚餐補助新台幣 1 千元 / Company sponsored quarterly team dinner

11. 每月新台幣 2 百元零食津貼補助 / Snacks Coin NTD 200 per month

12. 每月生日會, 不定時早餐下午茶, 節慶活動豐富 / Festival Events, Birthday Celebration

13. 每個月約一至兩次按摩服務 / Massage

14. 公司另有企業內訓服務 / Training and Development

15. 年終獎金制度 / Annual Bonus

16. 扁平的公司組織架構 / Flat team structure

17. 優質薪資待遇 / Competitive salary package

18. 有機會驅動產品導向,只要你有好的想法! / Ability to drive product direction