【TPS0501I】Product Copywriter Intern



【What you will be doing】
At SHOPLINE, we are actively searching for highly talented writers who possess the ability to harness the power of language and employ SHOPLINE's content style guide to its fullest potential. In this role, you will be assisting the writer team to complete our detailed and merchant-friendly instruction manuals, educational handbooks, and FAQ materials that revolve around our diverse range of innovative SHOPLINE products and features.

- Assist in creating engaging and compelling content.
- Review and edit content for clarity, consistency, and style.
- Focus on providing clear and straightforward guidance to SHOPLINE merchants.
- Ensure materials are easy to comprehend and follow.
- Adhere to SHOPLINE's content style guide for consistent tone and coherence.
- Understand the needs and preferences of the merchant community.
- Collaborating with various teams in different regions such as Product Management, Merchant Success, and Product Marketing and other teams to establish best practices and provide comprehensive guidance.
- Engaging in cross-functional collaboration with internal stakeholders from different regions to create region-specific instruction manuals and well-crafted FAQ documents that address specific scenarios and meet the unique needs of each region.

Join our dynamic team and make a significant impact by empowering our merchants with the guidance they need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Together, we can ensure that SHOPLINE remains the go-to platform for seamless and successful e-commerce experiences.

【What you will be doing】
我們正在積極尋找具備運用語言能力並能夠充分運用 SHOPLINE 產品知識的團隊成員。這個角色,將負責詳細編寫對店家易讀、易懂的 SHOPLINE 產品以及功能的教學指南和常見問題等等內容。

- 協助建立 User-friednly 的說明以及資訊等文件。
- 檢查並編輯內容以確保清晰度、一致性和風格。
- 專注為 SHOPLINE 的店家提供清晰明確的常見問題指南。
- 確保資料容易理解和遵循。
- 遵循已建立的 Guildline 並確保語調一致和連貫。
- 了解店家需求和偏好。
- 與不同區域的各種團隊合作,包括產品管理、客戶成功、產品行銷和其他團隊。
- 參與跨部門合作,創建特定區域的教學指南和常見問題等文件,以應對特定情景並滿足每個區域需求。

我們的目標是確保 SHOPLINE 成為成功的電子商務首選服務。透過提供商家所需的指導,為他們在不斷變化的數位環境中實現蓬勃發展,這是一個不斷進步和創新的行業,我們鼓勵團隊成員積極學習和發展自己的專業能力。無論你是剛起步或是已經有相關經驗,相信在這個充滿活力的團隊中,我們可以一起實現店家的成長和成功。


【Who we are looking for】
- Skills in translation, writing, proofreading, and editing from Mandarin to English.
- Familiar with Google document and Spreadsheet. 
- Detail-oriented and patient, capable of handling document details thoroughly.
- Available for a minimum of three workdays per week for at least six months.
- Familiarity with Figma or Zendesk Guide operations is a plus.

【Who we are looking for】
- 基礎中英文文字編輯/排版能力。
- 熟悉 Google doc 文件 / Spreadsheet 操作方式。
- 細心有耐心,能完整處理文件細節。
- 一週能配合實習至少三個工作天,至少能實習超過六個月。
- 熟悉 Figma 或 Zendesk Guide 操作為加分條件。







1. 彈性的工時安排 / Flexible working hour

2. 彈性工作地點 / Flexible working location

3. 第一年即享有 15 天年假 / First year 15 days of annual leave

4. 生日假 1 天,生日當月任選一天使用 / Birthday leave

5. 給全薪病假 12 天 / Full pay sick leave

6. 給全薪家庭照顧假 7 天 / Paid family care leave

7. 全薪產假 90 天 / Maternity leave 90 days

8. 陪產假 10 天 / Paternity leave 10 days

9. 公司彈性福利補助每年新台幣 2 萬元(旅遊, 家庭照顧, 運動, 按摩等等) / Company sponsored SHOPLINEFlex

10. 每季部門聚餐補助新台幣 1 千元 / Company sponsored quarterly team dinner

11. 每月新台幣 2 百元零食津貼補助 / Snacks Coin NTD 200 per month

12. 每月生日會, 不定時早餐下午茶, 節慶活動豐富 / Festival Events, Birthday Celebration

13. 每個月約一至兩次按摩服務 / Massage

14. 公司另有企業內訓服務 / Training and Development

15. 年終獎金制度 / Annual Bonus

16. 扁平的公司組織架構 / Flat team structure

17. 優質薪資待遇 / Competitive salary package

18. 有機會驅動產品導向,只要你有好的想法! / Ability to drive product direction


NT$ 185 - 185 (時薪)