【JPSGMO0501】Solution Engineer



As a Solutions Engineer at SHOPLINE, you'll enable clients and partners to create compelling solutions using our platform. Your role will focus on eliminating technical barriers and onboarding new clients and partners. By fostering strong relationships and serving as a trusted technical advisor, you'll help clients and partners provide more effective services, accelerating SHOPLINE's revenue growth.


- Client and Partner Engagement: Serve as a Shopline evangelist and technical advisor to potential clients and partners, driving technical collaborations and mutual business growth.
- Client and Partner Tech Enablement: Deliver tailored onboarding and training sessions to key strategic partners and clients. Develop and refine programs and playbooks to scale partner onboarding effectively.
- Project and Technical Management for Implementation: Oversee engineering and architectural design for clients, supervising extensive engineering projects from discovery to deployment, aligning with strategic business goals and ensuring successful merchant onboarding.
- Third-Party Solution Integration: Collaborate with third-party app providers to customize solutions that enhance merchant functionality and user experience based on specific needs.
Global Team Execution: Coordinate and collaborate with international technical teams, ensuring cohesive execution and communication.



- Language Skills: Proficiency in Japanese is required, with fluency in either Mandarin or English as a secondary language.
- Experience: Proven experience in enterprise e-commerce, digital agencies, solutions engineering, or partner management across various industries and business types.
- Technical Skills: Solid development experience with a strong grasp of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with proficiency in any templating language. Experience with Handlebars.js is advantageous.
- Version Control: Familiarity with version control systems and development environments, particularly Git/GitHub.
- Solutions-Focused Mindset: Ability to guide partners in developing custom solutions to achieve their merchants' goals.
- Communication Skills: Proficiency in conveying technical roadmaps and strategic visions to consulting and solution implementation partners.
- Interpersonal Skills: Strong ability to navigate diverse technical and non-technical groups, managing stakeholder interactions effectively.
- Passion and Time Management: A passion for education and empowerment, coupled with strong time management and prioritization abilities.







1. 彈性的工時安排 / Flexible working hour

2. 彈性工作地點 / Flexible working location

3. 第一年即享有 15 天年假 / First year 15 days of annual leave

4. 生日假 1 天,生日當月任選一天使用 / Birthday leave

5. 給全薪病假 12 天 / Full pay sick leave

6. 給全薪家庭照顧假 7 天 / Paid family care leave

7. 全薪產假 90 天 / Maternity leave 90 days

8. 陪產假 10 天 / Paternity leave 10 days

9. 公司彈性福利補助每年新台幣 2 萬元(旅遊, 家庭照顧, 運動, 按摩等等) / Company sponsored SHOPLINEFlex

10. 每季部門聚餐補助新台幣 1 千元 / Company sponsored quarterly team dinner

11. 每月新台幣 2 百元零食津貼補助 / Snacks Coin NTD 200 per month

12. 每月生日會, 不定時早餐下午茶, 節慶活動豐富 / Festival Events, Birthday Celebration

13. 每個月約一至兩次按摩服務 / Massage

14. 公司另有企業內訓服務 / Training and Development

15. 年終獎金制度 / Annual Bonus

16. 扁平的公司組織架構 / Flat team structure

17. 優質薪資待遇 / Competitive salary package

18. 有機會驅動產品導向,只要你有好的想法! / Ability to drive product direction