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Who we are

Legal Templates is spun out of, a startup incubator. Our group is led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, attorneys, technologists and designers. Our 35 person team is distributed across three continents, collectively speak a total of 7 languages, and have invested 300,000 man hours into building our platform. 


公司成員 ( 1 / 5 )

Howard Chai

David Reynier

Edward Huang

Mike Leonhard

Josh Moore

Howard Chai Founder/CEO

I specialize in building internet-based businesses with proven business models and positive cash flow. Coming from software development and mgmt consulting, I can walk seamlessly between the worlds of technology and business

David Reynier COO

Former Finance Manager at Somfy, MBA from Montpellier Business School. David brings 13 years of experience in finance and management to Taroko, and leads our operations team.

Edward Huang CMO

Former Project Manager at the Department of Defense, B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Edward co-founded Taroko and now acts as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Mike Leonhard CEO of

Former President at Moshi, B.S. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon. With 12 years of experience in sales and leadership, Michael shapes and executes Taroko’s global sales strategy.

Josh Moore CTO

Former Chief Architect at Taroko Software, BS. in Information, Science & Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Josh has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and development, and leads our engineering team.


What we do

Our mission is to democratize and modernize legal services around the globe. Since 2015,’s platform has helped hundreds of thousands of users save millions in legal fees.  We’re tackling a multi-billion dollar global market and we’re just getting started!


泰樂科技軟體於2009年由匹茲堡卡內基梅隆大學畢業的技術愛好者和全球冒險家成立。 大學畢業後,從事諮詢和於當地政府的工作。 然而台灣在生活上的便利友善和工程領域的優勢實在強大的令創辦人無法抗拒。 決定將公司設立在台灣,帶來了新的商業模式和西方市場的商業價值。 幾年後,泰樂科技軟體已經發展成為一支由台灣本地人和居住在台灣的外國人組成的75人團隊。 泰樂科技軟體是東西雙方的完美交匯點,帶出了兩者的最佳元素。 我們擁有多個成功的SaaS,互聯網業務,並對未來更多的事業機會感到興奮!

美商泰樂科技 Taroko 致力于提供消費者以及企業端多樣不同性質的軟體解決方案。來自全球對於先進科技以及創業抱持熱情的電腦科學,行銷以及財務相關專家。因為信念而凝聚一起,共同努力打造更優良的軟體服務體驗,接軌世界的脈動,創造最大雙贏。 邀請您一同加入我們年輕又充滿活力的團隊。累積實力,體驗與世界精英工作,放眼天下,共創全球科技以及軟體世界榮景!

Taroko was founded in 2009 by technology enthusiasts and global adventurers who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After graduating from college, and spending several years working in consulting and government, the allure of Taiwan proved too powerful to resist. The founders relocated to Taipei, Taiwan, and brought their business acumen and Western business values along with them. Several years later, Taroko has grown into a 75-person-strong team comprised of Taiwanese locals and foreign expats living in Taiwan. Taroko is the perfect intersection of the West and the East, bringing out the best elements of both. Taroko boasts multiple successful SaaS, internet businesses and is excited for the many more to come!


快來加入我們,如果你想成為一個令人興奮的成長故事的一部分。如果你正在尋找一個充滿活力、快節奏和多元文化的工作環境,我們就是您的機會。 我們是一個來自不同背景和不同國家,但卻擁有共同目標的團隊。我們在尋找喜愛自我激勵、想創業、愛冒險,享受成就的您。如果您追求卓越,您屬於這裡。

.Competitive salary - 具競爭性的薪資與福利
.15 days annual vacation 每年15天特休
.5 Days of Sick Leave 每年5天全薪病假
.Wellness Programs/Fitness Stipends 健身津貼
.Annual Health Check Plans 員工健康檢查
.Group Insurance 團保
.Learning & Development Opportunities - 學習與發展的機會
.Healthy work/life balance - 健康的工作與生活均衡
.A very lively and friendly work environment - 愉悅和友善的工作環境
.Free snacks, drink, fruit/Monday breakfast/Wednesday afternoon tea