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Taipei Weiya Party

This January, the Taipei office had a joyful event at our 2nd Annual Kloudless Weiya Party hosted at Foodie. Traditionally, the purpose of this event is for employers to treat their employees to a banquet to thank them for their hard work throughout the year, kind of like a Holiday Party in the US. Weiya (尾牙) is considered an important bonding opportunity between employees and management.


Eliot, CEO toasting at every table


We reserved a private kitchen for the evening. The restaurant was lovely and spacious, and we had room to roam around and mingle. We invited the entire team and their significant others to this social occasion. Our goal was to strengthen the relationship among Kloudless, employees, family members and have lots of fun along the way.

At Kloudless, we take eating seriously and the food was one of the many highlights of Weiya. We enjoyed a variety of delicious food as we chatted happily amongst our tables.


From the upper left corner clockwise: braised pork belly, tripe, tofu soup and sea bass


At the end of the night, a raffle was sponsored by our three Co-founders and team leads. It created an exciting atmosphere and many great prizes were given out. Every guest left with Kloudless branded treats which included an ice cream cone and fortune cookie. Everyone was grateful for these surprise gifts!

Raffle prizes included cash, gift certificates, electronics, books, and games!


Much work went into organizing the 2nd Annual Weiya Party and it went smoothly. Huge thanks to our Co-founders Eliot and Tim and People Operations Lead, Jeanne for flying all the way from Berkeley to Taipei to share this special occasion with us!


A very warm thanks to all who celebrated with us. We had a great time and it was absolutely wonderful spending the evening with everyone. Without the participation and support of our guests, our Weiya could not have been such a success and so much fun. On all accounts, it was an amazing night and I hope our guests enjoyed the party as much I did. It was warm, it was enjoyable, it was the Kloudless Weiya.

The fortune inside the cookies were written by employees


Thank you and happy holidays from all of us at the Kloudless Taipei office! :D


Photo credits: Chih-Hung Chen, Jeanne Lam

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