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Employee Highlights- Jeffrey's experience in being referred to Kloudless

1. What is your relationship with your referrer and how did he convince you to interview with Kloudless?

I actually got referred by my former colleague Sammy Wen. He was a DevOps Engineer candidate who received an offer from Kloudless, but he declined it to pursue his master's degree. Although we only worked at the same company for three months, we managed to build a strong relationship because we were similar in age with similar interests. After I left the company, we hung out about once a month and played Overwatch together even though I have poor aiming skills.


I think Sammy knew I wanted to join Kloudless and I might have mentioned it before. I met Kloudless at Pycon 2017 and set it as one of my dream companies to work for. Sammy told me that he can refer me in his email when he declined the job offer, which I thought was kind of odd :LOL. So I made up my mind to give it a shot and that’s how it all happened.


2. What was your impression of the company during your onsite interview and team lunch?


It's a very vibrant company despite its small size. It seemed like every engineer who worked here was very happy, enjoyed their job, and was fluent in English which really impressed me. Honestly, the team lunch was the most terrifying interview experience for me. Most Taiwanese are not familiar with English speaking skills.


I've never spoken more than three sentences of English in my life. I’m also a very shy person who's not comfortable speaking with unfamiliar people. But somehow, I had lunch with a group of people that I met for the first time which was conducted in English. I managed to survive, although I don't remember many details. I think I racked my brain to come up with every English vocabulary that I knew.


3. How would you describe the interview process? How does it compare with other companies you’ve interviewed with?


That it was a very long day because I also did my technical interview on the same day which was supposed to be over the phone. I went through 8 hours of interviewing from 9am to 5pm. I must admit, overall it was a very good experience. Hannah and David did a great job easing my nerves. Tim and Vinod appeared as if they were software development experts and that couldn’t be outsmarted.


I think Kloudless outperforms other companies regarding the interview process. The interview process was comprehensive with very good technical questions to gauge your technical skills. I felt like Kloudless really care about the candidate and did their best to find the right fit for the company.


4. What stood out about Kloudless that made you choose us?


A software engineer position for a SaaS company like Kloudless is rare in Taipei. The flexibility Kloudless offered was also very attractive while I compared with other companies.


5. If you were to make a referral, how would you pitch Kloudless and the role?


Kloudless is a SaaS company dedicated to API integrations. This is a special opportunity for an engineers’ career since SaaS companies are not common in Taipei.


All our engineers are very talented and smart. Kloudless also offers maximum flexibility to engineers and a comfortable work environment. They also offer free lunch three times a week ;) It's a good company to build your career with great work-life balance. This is one of the best software engineer positions you don’t want to miss in Taipei.


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