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Employee Highlights- Jason's experience in being referred to Kloudless

1. What is your relationship with your referrer and how did he convince you to interview with Kloudless?


Frank and I were college classmates and we also worked together at another company prior to Kloudless. We periodically met with our friends for dinner and it’s during these hang outs, I learned about Kloudless from Frank. When I was considering other job opportunities, I asked Frank how he liked Kloudless and how his teammates collaborated within the company. I asked how they code review, how the manager assigned work, and how the company evaluates people’s performance. One benefit that caught my eye was that I could WFH twice a week. Since I prefer a very quiet work environment, this policy excited me!


2. What was your impression of the company during your onsite interview and team lunch?


My first impression of Kloudless was the office space. It looked very big and comfortable and the view outside the window was nice too! During lunch, everyone introduced themselves to me. I felt welcomed and it warmed my heart. I wanted to join Kloudless even more after lunch.


3. How would you describe the interview process? How does it compare with other companies you’ve interviewed with?


I think the biggest difference is the phone interview. It was with Tim, Co-founder and VP, Engineering. The last members I met were David, Director Engineering and Hannah, Office Manager. The process was very different from other companies I interviewed with. Typically senior management would appear at the end of the process and ask high level questions about your personality. However, Tim’s questions were focused on the real problem of developing the product. When I was trying to respond, he told me that we can dive deep into the details. Currently, I feel that Kloudless is a practical company from top down and at every level.


4. What stood out about Kloudless that made you choose us?


1) WFH twice a week, 2) Managers are very familiar with the technology and can be trusted, 3) M-W-F team lunches are quite nice and Kloudless is a good working environment


5. If you were to make a referral, how would you pitch Kloudless and the role?


I would tell the candidate the process in how we develop a product, how coworkers will help with code review and provide very useful suggestions. Also the managers are very supportive! Everyone in the company is very familiar with the technology we use, so members won’t make terrible decisions. One benefit at Kloudless is that people can improve their professional skills. The other is that I feel my hard work is valued! The feeling of contributing to Kloudless is great. 



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